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Integrant recipes: Baguette

Fresh, stale and even wet baguette shouldn`t be thrown away. You may always use it for cooking various meals.

 If you have leftovers of a huge baguette, you may cook crunchy toasts. Cover them with yummy creamy mass, pesto, grated cheese or layer of meat and vegetables. Slices of baguette may be filled with raw eggs and fried. That`s one of various interesting ideas for a romantic breakfast. If you like sweet snacks, cover the then layer of white bread with jam, honey or tender goat cheese. Stale or wet leftovers of bread may be used for cooking different chops, meatballs or meat pies.

 Fresh French baguette may be used while cooking creative burgers or sandwiches. Crunchy bread is the best company for delicious meat, veggies and green leaves. All the recipes are worth trying, so scroll down and search something to begin with.