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Integrant recipes: Arugula

This bright leafy green became very popular over the past few years. If you do not know any other way to use arugula besides adding it into the salad bowl together with tomatoes and cheese, we`re ready to share with you fresh ideas.

Make your pizza, omelets, sandwiches and toasts fresher by adding a layer of green arugula. Combine this herb with vegetables, cooking gazpacho, spicy stew or healthy vegetarian soups. Green smoothies will amuse you and fill with energy. Toss it into pasta, grains or your breakfast skillet. It`s amazing but this ingredient tastes great in combination with meat, so you may decorate baked or fried chicken, poultry or fish with fresh arugula.

 Even salads may become more interesting if you choose creative combination of ingredients. Mix arugula with strawberry, blue cheese, prosciutto or even melons. Sounds weird? Don`t jump to conclusions: try to cook dishes with arugula and you`ll become one more fan of this herb and our recipes with it.

5 stars
Arugula Salad with Cherry Tomatoes
This fresh green salad with bitter arugula is very tasty and healthy.
4 stars
Caesar with Arugula
My boyfriend`s mom is a really good cook. However, she always makes one and the same dishes. As for me, I want to make our festive tables more various. When I cooked that delicious Caesar with arugula, the whole family…
4 stars
Bulgur with Champignons, Arugula and Green Onion. Amazing combination Of Taste And Benefits
Though bulgur isn`t the healthiest dish, if you use this recipe, you`ll be able to eat it even on a diet.
4 stars
Greek Salad with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Feta and Arugula
Vegetable salads are very popular and can be eaten with different main meals. They taste great in combination with meat, poultry or fish. Today I want to share with you the recipe of the salad with fetaxa, tomatoes and cheese.…
4 stars
Salad with Baked Potato, Bacon and Tomatoes
This is rather simple salad idea. Do not fry potato for too long. And if you like, you may replace arugula with dill or celery.
5 stars
Salad With Arugula, Tomatoes And Eggs
If you`re interested in eating healthy food, you must know arugula – famous Italian herb. It is used while cooking different dishes, including salads and sauces. It tastes great in combination with meat, vegetables, fish or even fruits. Here is…