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How to Make Perfect Cheese Plate


 Cheese plate is one of the most popular appetizers for any party or festive dinner. Today we`ll share with you recommendations helping you to make perfect cheese cheese - desc learn more... plate.

 For the cheese to be soft and yummy, serve it warm. Take cheeses out of the fridge and leave for 30 minutes at room temperature. It`s important to choose right combination of cheeses. Mix the following types of cheese:

  •         Sharp cheese. The best choice is Parmesan or white Cheddar.
  •         Something extra-tangy. Flavored goat cheese will make your cheese plate more interesting.
  •         Milk cheese. Use 1-2 different types of milk cheeses to your taste.
  •         Aged cheese with deep flavor.

 You can also meat to your cheese board. The most obvious choice is thin meat like prosciutto. You can also add perfect thin slices of sausages. Choose Italian dry salami, dry cured salami or Italian dry cured ham.

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  1. First, cut cheese into thin rectangles. Arrange them on the board or a large plate. If you want, you can cut a half of rectangles in two halves.
  2. Add meat layer. Cut meat and sausages into thin slices as well and add them to the cheese. If you like, you can wrap each slice of meat in cheese, forming triangles.
  3. Next step is adding bread. You can choose thin slices of crunchy baguette. Drizzle them with olive oil and bake in the preheated oven until they are crunchy and have light golden-brown color. You can also replace toasts with crackers or breadsticks.
  4. Finish everything by adding garnishes. Add some fruit to the plate. The best choice for a cheese platter is grapes. However, you can add more fruit to your choice to balance the taste.
  5. Add nuts to fill empty spaces. Walnuts and Almonds are great for this purpose. You can also add olives.

Now you`re almost done. Add fresh greens to your taste and serve it. IF you like, you can also add jam, sauce or hummus to the plate. Bon Appetit!


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