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Homemade liqueur ” Limoncello”

Homemade liqueur " Limoncello"

Limoncello is one of Italian drinks, frequently served in hot weather. It may be a perfect digestive, apperetif or even the flavour for the ice cream or homemade pastry. However, if you want to try it, there is no need to visit Sicilia or Amalfi, since all the ingredients can be bought in the nearest shop.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
middle-sized lemons
10 pcs
40 cals
151 proof grain alcohol;
1 l
250 cals
2.3 cups
370 cals
1 l
Total calories in the prepared dish
660 cals
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  1. The most important step is to choose thick-skinned organic lemons. Wash them carefully and dry with the paper towel.
  2. Then you should zest the lemons, using sharp knife. Remove only the thinnest layer without touching the white pith. In such a way your Limoncello won`t be bitter.
  3. Put all zest in the big jar and fill it with the alcohol (you can use 151 proof grain alcohol). Though it`s easier to find vodka, try not to use it, since it has its own flavour, which may spoil the aroma and taste of liquor. After filling the container, screw the lid on tight and hide the jar in the dark place. From now on you should wait 7 days.
  4. In a week you may continue cooking. The next step is mixing syrup. Boil 1000 ml of filtered water with 5 cups of sugar added, until the latter melts.
  5. Let the syrup come down to the room temperature. Meanwhile you may get rid of zest and filter the alcohol. Then mix it with the syrup.
  6. Hide the jar in the dark place again and wait for 2 days. At this stage it should be cloudily yellow. This is the colour of perfectly cooked Limoncello.

Now you`re done. Call your friends and treat them with delicious homemade Limoncello. To feel all the reach taste of the liquor, use the secret of Italian chefs: put the bottle in the freezer before drinking and serve it in cold glasses.

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