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Homemade Lasagne filled with Flavour


Layers of pasta, loaded with juicy meat, melted cheese cheese - very good recipes of cheese learn more..., and the Flavour of the sauce make it a perfect dish that all of us love. The best Lasagne is definitely not for weight watchers. But if you love simple and extremely yummy food, you need to cook this classic dish, using our favorite lasagne recipe.

 You can find all the ingredients to make Lasagne in your fridge as they are extremely simple. Now let’s get down to learning the secret to the best lasagne recipe.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Ground pork
6 cups
230 cals
Ground beef
6 cups
200 cals
Tomato sauce
2 cups
78 cals
Dry herbs and garlic
to taste
70 cals
2 tbsp
240 cals
4 tbsp
340 cals
2 tbsp
130 cals
Hard cheese
4 tbsp
440 cals
Lasagne sheets
1 pack
420 cals
Hard cheese
2 cups
340 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
2488 cals
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  1. The best part of this great lasagne recipe is the sauce. It should have a rich flavor and a perfect texture. We recommend mixing ground pork with beef for the dish to be tastier. Still, you can go on without pork if you do not like the taste. There is another secret that will make your Lasagne better: replace crushed tomatoes with several tablespoons of Passata. This tomato sauce will make the mass thicker! If you do it, you won't need to add a big amount of spices. Go on with a pinch of dry herbs and mashed garlic. Mix all these ingredients in the big pan and stew the dish for 30-40 minutes until it's ready.
  2. The next step is cooking that gorgeous white sauce. For cooking Bechamel, you should use only hard cheese. It can be Asiago, Manchego, or Parmesan. The recipe for the sauce is as easy as the recipe for our Lasagne. Find a saucepan with a thick bottom. Fill it with the flour and milk. Stir everything slowly and bring it to boil. Add butter and grated cheese. Continue stirring until the mass becomes glossy and very smooth. There shouldn't be lumps or the leftovers of non-melted cheese.
  3. Now unpack your lasagne sheets. Following this recipe for Lasagne, do not boil them. Just put them into the bowl, pour hot water over these layers and cover the bowl with any pan you find. Leave the sheets in the water for 30 minutes. They will still be half-ready, and that is exactly what you need.
  4. Preheat the oven to 375 F. Put the layer of the lasagne sheets on the bottom of the tray. Cover it with the meat sauce. Add a layer of the classic white sauce. Add the layers of the cheese. Repeat everything for three more times. Now, this best lasagne recipe tells you that you need to bake your dish in the preheated oven. You can cook it in 25 minutes.

Take the tray out of the oven and cut it into pieces. Serve it hot. Now if somebody says, "show me a recipe for lasagne," you can always share a link and inspire a person to cook this juicy meal with little effort.

 Share your favorite recipes for Lasagne with us and enjoy your meal!

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