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Homemade éclairs with custard

I want to share with you the recipe of delicious homemade éclairs with custard. This is traditional recipe, so the taste will definitely be delicious. The only one unusual ingredient is topping. We`ll use two kinds of topping: dark (with cocoa) and white (with sugar powder).
This tender dessert will amuse kids and adults. So, treat your family and guests with this sweet surprise. My recipe and photos will make this process easier.

Ingredients for
0,3 cup
1,25 cup
250 ml
1 pinch
Middle-sized eggs
4 pieces
500 ml
2 pieces
0,75 cup
0,75 cup
3 tbsp.
Vanilla sugar
1 tsp.
Cocoa powder
4 tbsp.
0,25 cup
2 tbsp.
Sugar powder
4 tbsp.
2 tsp.
2 tsp.
Sugar powder
1 cup
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  1. First, cook the dough. Cut butter into pieces. Add water and a pinch of salt. Cook this mass on the slow fire.
  2. As soon as the butter melts and this liquid starts boiling, take the pan off the fire and add the whole portion of flour (you need to sift it through the sieve beforehand). Quickly whip it, using wooden spatula. The mass should be smooth at the end. It`s important for the flour to melt into the hot liquid.
  3. As soon as you get this thick mass, you need to put the pan on the oven again. Continue stirring it while cooking for 1-2 minutes. The fire should be very slow. When the mass is ready, put it into the clean bowl. Leave it to cool down.
  4. When the mass is warm, add raw eggs one by one. Mix the dough constantly. If you need the dough to be more or less liquid, add more or less eggs.
  5. At the end, the dough should be smooth and not too thick. We`ll try to form éclairs, so be careful with it.
  6. Fill pastry bag with this dough. Cover the tray with baking paper and form small éclairs on it. Each one should be about 2,1-2,8 inches. Don`t forget, that there should be a particular distance between cakes.
  7. Bake them for 15-20 minutes at 428 degrees. Éclairs will grow in size and become ruddy. Then you need to slow down the fire and cook pastry for 10 more minutes. This will help them to dry inside.
  8. Meanwhile you need to cook the cream. Take clean and dry bowl and mix ½ sugar with the flour in it. Whip raw eggs in the separate bowl.
  9. Combine these ingredients and whip everything with a whisk until the mass is smooth and there is a froth.
  10. Pour milk into the pan. Add vanilla sugar and the rest of sugar. Boil everything. Then add 1/3 of boiled milk into the bowl with whipped eggs. Then add this mixture into the pan again. Mix everything quickly and continue boiling.
  11. Boil it until the mass is thick. Leave it to cool down; add warm butter and whip everything, using a whisk or a mixer. This mass should be smooth.
  12. Cut éclairs, making long holes. Fill them with custard. I recommend you to put it into the fridge beforehand.
  13. Finally, you need to cook two kinds of topping. We`ll use dark and white topping. First let`s cook dark topping. Take a small pan and mix cocoa powder with sweet sugar, butter and milk in it. Heat it, stirring constantly. Cook this mass until it`s smooth. It should remind you of melted chocolate. If it`s too thick, add milk. If the mass is too liquid, add more sugar powder.
  14. Now you need to cook white topping. Mix butter with milk. As soon as butter melts, add sugar powder and mix until the cream is smooth. If it`s too thick, you also need to add milk. If it`s too liquid, add sugar.
  15. Cover part of éclairs with dark topping. The rest of them will be covered with white topping.
Put your homemade éclairs into the fridge for several hours. That`s it! Bon Appetite!
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