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Healthy Salmon in an Instant Pot


 There are a lot of ways to cook delicious salmon. If you want it to be healthy and do not like to waste your time, this is the best recipe for you!

 But before you get down to cooking the dish, make sure that you know how to choose the best fish. We recommend you to choose Alaskan salmon if you can. There is also a difference between farmed and wild salmon. The first one has a bright red color and is low in calories. So if you want to cook a diet version of this dish, choose wild-caught fish.

 If you cannot find fresh fish fish - very good recipes of fish learn more..., it’s okay to use frozen fish. Cooking it in the instant pot, you won’t notice the difference. Now let’s take a look at the recipe for the salmon in an instant pot.

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4 pcs
200 cals
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1 cup
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200 cals
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  1. Like all quick pot recipes, this one is very easy! You do not need to use more spices. The classic dish is tasty enough. So, fill the bowl of the instant pot with water.
  2. Place all four salmon fillets into it as well. Add salt and pepper to the fish.
  3. To make the dish very yummy, set the pressure cooker to 3 minutes. Cook the fish on high pressure. If you’re going to cook frozen fish, add 2 extra minutes.
  4. Now you can transfer the fish onto a plate. This dish should be served warm.

This instant instant pot recipe is very easy. If you like, you can serve it with stewed or roasted vegetables. Keep in mind, that it is a bad idea to cook veggies in the instant pot together with fish. They would turn into total mush. Unlike meat or fish, they should be cooked for less than 1 minute on high pressure.

 You should know that this dish is very healthy. Salmon is loaded with omega-3 and other fatty acids. So, include it into your diet, serving with various garnishes.

 Enjoy this dish and search for more interesting pressure cooker recipes on our website! 

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