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Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Ham


 Classical grilled sandwich can be cooked with various additional ingredients. However, the best idea is to cook classical dish with cheese and ham. It`s very important to choose qualitative ingredients. The best choice is smoked ham ham - desc learn more... or homemade ham with glazed crust.

  The recipe for this dish is pretty easy.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
8 slices
220 cals
2 tbsp
240 cals
2 cups
410 cals
16 pcs
135 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
1005 cals
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  1. Spread a portion of butter over one slice of bread. If you want to make this dish juicer, cover the second side with butter as well. You can also use mayonnaise instead.
  2. Grate hard cheese on the coarse grater. We recommend using either Cheddar or Gruyere. They are tasty and melt really well.
  3. Add grated cheese on the other slice of the bread. Add 4 slices of ham on the top of it.
  4. Cover it with buttered slice of bread. Butter should be on the top of the sandwich.
  5. Preheat grill pan. Reduce heat to minimum. Cook sandwich for 1-2 minutes from each side until cheese melts.

Take your sandwich out of the frying pan and serve it on the plate.

To make perfect Grilled sandwich with cheese and ham, use following recommendations.

  •         Do not use too much cheese. You can think that it will make it tastier. However it` s  not true. But it will spoil the form of sandwich and make everything messy.
  •         You can enrich the taste of this dish with caramelized onion, pickled, slices of tomatoes, avocadoes or grilled mushrooms.
  •         Enrich the taste of the dish, using sauces. You can choose mustard, olive oil-based dressing or white creamy sauce. It`s also a good idea to cook salty-sweet sandwich if you like to experiment with food. Add homey or chutney on the bread and continue cooking.
  •         If you are going to use it as a snack and pack into the lunch box, press it with the spatula while cooking. It will be thin and tasty.

 Cook best grilled sandwiches like a pro and enjoy the taste of such a breakfast. Bon Appetit!

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