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Ganache Cream. Yummy Mousse for Delicious Cakes and Desserts


Hello! We`ve offered you a lot of recipes for exquisite desserts. But if you want to create your own recipe, we can give you an idea: cook this tender cream and use it for cooking pies, cupcakes and huge cakes.

Ganache is a tender cream, made of chocolate and cream. This recipe was invented by accident. One French cook added melted chocolate into the bowl with cream. His colleague called this guy “ganache”, that means “stupid” in French. However, when he tried this dessert, he really liked  the taste.

Nowadays there are 3 main recipes for this tender dessert. It may be cooked with cream, butter and the mixture of both ingredients. Still, many people think, that traditional cream should be made of cream and chocolate. I should say that this recipe is also the healthiest recipe among all of them. For cooking Ganache cream, you may use dark, white and milk chocolate. I recommend you to choose the one, that is used by professionals. So, let`s get down to work.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Dark chocolate
2 bars
399 cals
Cream (30% fat content)
0.5 cup
230 cals
0.5 cup
240 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
869 cals
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  1. Fill the pan with water and put it on the oven.
  2. Put pieces of the chocolate into the bowl. Add cold cream.
  3. As soon, as water in the pan starts boiling, slow down the fire and put the bowl on the water bath.
  4. Melt everything, stirring constantly.
  5. When the mass is smooth enough, take the bowl out of the oven and leave it to cool down.
  6. Then add warm butter. Mix everything carefully. Put it into the fridge for a 1.5 hour.

Your cream will be thick enough. So, you may use it for covering your pies and cakes or for decorating amazing cupcakes and soufflés. Bon Appetite!


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