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Fried Cheese with Yummiest Filling


Fried cheese is a real classic. There are a lot of ways to cook this dish. You may choose classical American cheese cheese - very good recipes with cheese learn more... fries or Greece cheese sticks. Use all the types of milk for cooking such a meal. For this purpose you may use both a grill or a frying pan.

Today we`ll look at the recipe that is much easier!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
2 cups
440 cals
Vegetable mix
1.25 cup
35 cals
Fresh herbs
1 beam
7 cals
2 tbsp
240 cals
Vegetable oil
1 tbsp
135 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
857 cals
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  1. Preheat the pan with the small amount of the butter. Add vegetable oil. I recommend to use olive oil. Meanwhile grate hard cheese.
  2. Cook it for several minutes.
  3. Then you`ll need to add fresh sliced veggies and chopped herbs.
  4. Cheese layer will be cooked in several minutes. Add several drops of the olive oil.
  5. Dust your meal with the spices.
  6. Flatten the layers, for it to be easier for you to form your meal.
  7. Form yummy wraps with the vegetables and crunchy cheese layer.
  8. It`s bright and fragrant.

If you love cheese sticks recipe, you will definitely appreciate this snack. It`s both nutritious and very tasty!


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