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Fresh Egg Salad with Celery and Chives


 Fresh chives can be used as a garnish or added to the main dish. They are extremely popular in France along with tarragon and parsley. However, you can use them to enrich the taste of classical American dishes and garnishes as well.

 To get the most from this ingredient, ship fresh chives with the scissors. Delicate herb will have richer taste in this case. You can easily use it for cooking yummy salads, soups, sauces, stocks, egg dishes and potato meals. It is necessary to add chives right before serving your meal.

 Today we`ll share with you easy recipe for egg salad with chives. You can use it as a garnish or make sandwiches with this easy salad. All you need is to cook the salad itself and top sandwich buns with this mass and salad leaves. Patty can be omitted. And if you are not a big fan of sandwiches, you can use it for making light snack snack - desc learn more.... Cover crackers, toasts or ciabatta with this mass and top with caviar, oives, cheese or fresh herbs.

 Now, when you know how versatile this salad is, you can get down to cooking it!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
8 pcs
70 cals
4 tbsp
355 cals
2 tbsp
55 cals
2 tbsp
0.5 pcs
25 cals
to taste
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
505 cals
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  1. First, prepare all the ingredients. Put eggs into the pan and cover them with the cold water. Add a pinch of salt. Bring water to boil, reduce the fire and cook eggs for 8-10 minutes. Eggs should be cooked through and the yolks shouldn`t be liquid.
  2. Turn of the fire, drain the water. Add cold water, cover the pan with the lid and set the pan aside. Leave it for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Now you need to peel eggs. Wash them and chop carefully.
  4. Add eggs to the bowl together with snipped chives and diced celery.
  5. Add soft mayonnaise and mustard to make this salad moister.
  6. Sprinkle everything with salt and pepper and mix everything carefully.

Now you`re done. You can serve a portion of this egg salad with meat or poultry or use for cooking appetizers and snacks. If you want to make your snack as light as possible, serve egg salad over fresh salad leaves. You can also replace chives with chopped spring onion or red onion. It`s also a good idea to use scallions. If you like, you can mix all these ingredients together. You`ll love the result! Bon Appetit! 


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