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Fragrant Sangria. Gorgeous Drink for your Parties


Sangria is one of the classical Spanish alcohol drinks. It was invented by the migrants who`ve collected fruits in Spain. They`ve mixed wine with the water and fresh citrus juice. This cocktail was great for those who spend a lot of time working under the sun.

Everyone may cook nowadays sangria wine. Did you know that Spanish word “sangria” means “blood”? The explanation is rather simple. It`s red and give the workers the energy. The recipe for sangria drink is rather easy. It is the mixture of red wine, mixed with the water and the slices of the fruits. Some people like to add spices, honey honey - very good recipes with honey learn more..., brandy, sugar or even coca into the big bowl with this alcoholic drink.

Some people find something in common between sangria and molted wine. Still, the difference is rather obvious. Spanish sangria is served cold, while wine is always hot. Still, the ingredients may be almost the same.

Sangria become popular in America in 1964. This was the year when the Spanish workers bring this recipe to the island.  Local people loved this recipe. Nowadays this recipe is rather popular in the USA. Many tourists even think that this is totally American drink!

Types of Sangria:

When people have found the recipe of this drink they`ve started to invent new and new ideas what else they may do with the classical sangria. There are five main variants of sangria.

·         Classical one – this is the classical drink made of the red wine, lemons, oranges and grapes. It has tender sour-sweet taste:

·         Fruit sangria. It is the mixture of various fruits. You may use all the ingredients you like: strawberry, lemons, oranges, peaches, bananas, apples, pineapples and so one. The more fruits you use, the tastier dish will be.

·         Easy sangria recipe. For cooking this dish you`ll need to buy a bottle of champagne, mineral water and coca. All those bubbles will definitely enrich the taste of the drink.

·         Heavy sangria. If you want to cook this drink, leave the fruits you`re going to use in the bowl with the rum, whiskey or cognac. In 6-12 hours you may add wine and water,

Choose red or white sangria recipe and enjoy the taste of your gorgeous drink.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Red wine
1 bottle
90 cals
700 ml
2 tbsp
370 cals
2 pcs
45 cals
1 pcs
15 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
520 cals
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  1. If you`re going to cook sangria, you may use any kind of red wine. The taste of the drink will still be changed when you add water.
  2. Cut fruits into thin slices. Do not peel them beforehand. Otherwise, the taste will be spoiled.
  3. Add these fruits into the bowl with the drink.
  4. Leave it in the fridge fro 3-12 hours. In the evening you may serve this amazing drink.

It tastes gorgeous when served with the lean meat or fish. Still, in Spain it is always served without any side dishes. You may follow this simple recommendation! Have a nice day!


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