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Fragrant Salty Salmon


Salty salmon may be found in different shops and supermarkets. Still, if you`re a big fan of this dish, you may try to cook it at home. The recipe is rather simple. What`s more, you`ll know for sure that your fish is healthy and cooked without adding preservative and colors.

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570 cals
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  1. For cooking this dish you`ll need only salmon, sugar and salt. You may cook the whole fish or cut it into slices. I recommend you to use fresh fish, not defrosted. Peel it before cooking, get rid of bones and scales.
  2. Wash it and wipe using paper towels or napkins.
  3. Prepare the bowl. Cover the bottom with mixture of salt and sugar. For 3 and 1/3 cups of salmon you`ll need 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tbsp of sugar.
  4. Put a half of this mixture on the bottom of the bowl. Then put slices of salmon into it. Cover it with the rest of spices. You may also use vodka or gin. Sprinkle fish with this alcohol drink and leave for 12 hours in the bowl.
  5. You need to turn it over for several times for the fish to be covered with spices. When it`s ready, put salty fish into the fridge. You may cook any kind of fish in such a way. If you want to cook fragrant and spicy salmon, you may change classical recipe. Use bay leaf, sweet-scented pepper and cilantro.

If you want your salty salmon to look nice, do not get rid of the skin. Rub it with sugar, salt and cover with spices (cilantro, bay leaf, pepper). Wrap slices of fish or put them into the plastic bag. Wait for 12-15 hours. You`ll get amazing fish with great fragrant and taste. If you`re not in a hurry, wait for a whole day before eating this dish. If there are leftovers of salt on your fish, get rid of them before serving. Wash it in boiling water and wipe using paper towel.
This fish may be eaten with vegetables of garnish, or used for cooking sushi, rolls or sandwiches. Bon Appetite!

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