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Fragrant Cheese Bread

Fragrant cheese bread

If you`re searching for delicious hot snacks, here is the perfect recipe for you. It`s much better than simple cheese toast, as it`s a nice combination of crunchy crust and soft filling. It`s easy to cook this snack, so you won`t waste much time on creating this amazing dish. The taste of it will remind you of Italian bakery pastry. As for the fragrance, this combination of garlic and spices will create warm atmosphere in your house and tempt your appetite. So, dear bread baker, let`s start cooking.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Ciabatta bread
1 loaf
330 cals
Mozzarella cheese
1 cup
280 cals
Italian spices (thyme, oregano)
one pinch of each herb
7 cals
Fresh cilantro
1 beam
3 cloves
70 cals
Sun-dried tomatoes
1 cup
30 cals
Olive oil
0.25 cup
135 cals
Salt and pepper
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
852 cals
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  1. First of all, mix all the spices in the bowl. Add chopped cilantro. If you don`t have it, replace this herb with something else. You may use parsley, green onion or basil.
  2. Chop garlic. Add it to the rest of spices and herbs.
  3. Blanch sun-dried tomatoes. Soak them with a towel and chop. Add tomatoes into the bowl with spices. Pour olive oil in it and mix everything. Now the dressing is ready.
  4. Cut the top of ciabatta bread up and down.
  5. Then cut mozzarella cheese into thin slices. Use them to fill the surfaces in the loaf. If you do not have mozzarella in your fridge, you may use any other cheese. It will change the taste of the dish. Finally, add the spicy dressing, covering the whole loaf with it. Cover the form with baking paper. Put the loaf on it.
  6. Bake it in the preheated oven at 482 degrees for 5-10 minutes. There should be crunchy crust on the top of ciabatta bread. As for the cheese, it should be melted.
  7. Take this fragrant loaf out of the oven. This yummy snack should be served hot.

This fragrant bread is simple and unusual. Your guests and family will like it. As it`s quite big, there`ll be enough food for everyone. Save this recipe and use it, whenever you like. It`s simple, so even the beginner will cope with preparing delicious bread with cheese, garlic, tomatoes and spices. Enjoy your meal with Very Tasty! Bon Appetite!

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