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Delicious Steaks for a Romantic Dinner


Cooking hot juicy steaks is very easy and difficult at the same time. There is nothing difficult in cooking pork tenderloin. All you need is to choose a nice piece of meat and fry it. However, there are so many moments you should remember about!

To begin with, you have to remember how long you have to cook meat. It may depend on the type of meat you use. Fish is cooked in several minutes as well as chicken chicken - desc learn more.... Meanwhile pork needs to be cooked for a longer period of time. If you want to experiment with the taste and the structure of the meat, use various marinades and sauces.

Classical steak may be cooked only on the grill pan. However, it all you need is a nice piece of tasty meat, you may use the slow cooker as well. Since there are way too many pork loin recipes, we`ll share with you today the only one, you may cook regularly.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Pork steaks
2 pcs
290 cals
Vegetable oil
to taste
135 cals
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
425 cals
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  1. For the meat to be as juicy as grilled pork chops are, I recommend you to marinate it beforehand. Use the mixture of oil and spices for this purpose. I recommend you to use classical spices: salt and pepper. If you want, you may add your favourite dry herbs.
  2. Then you`ll need to fry your steaks in the pan for 15 minutes. Both sides should have this crunchy crust. Only in this case there will be enough juice inside.
  3. The rest of the time you`ll need to bake the pork steak in the oven preheated to 392 F. This will make your steaks juicy and yummy.
  4. When the dish is ready, wait before cutting and serving it. Wrap the pork into the piece of the tinfoil and leave it for 10 more minutes.

You`re done. Serve this fragrant meat with all the garnishes you like!

And finally, here is a small advice for you: for the meat to be really fried, not stewed, get rid of the juice constantly. In this case, it will be well baked. Save this recipe and share with your friends! Bon Appetite.

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