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Delicious Shark Steaks

Delicious shark steaks

Shark`s meat is an unusual ingredient. When being cooked in the wrong way, it has unpleasant smell. That`s why it is important to follow the recipe. One of the most important ingredients is lemon marinade. Marinated shark meat is soft and yummy. Read the recipe and try to cook it at home.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Shark meat
2 cups
230 cals
0.5 pcs
40 cals
1 tsp
Herbs (for fish)
1 tsp
7 cals
Vegetable oil
2 tsp
135 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
412 cals
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  1. Defrost shark`s meat.
  2. Cut lemon and squeeze its juice. Try to get as much juice as possible. Sprinkle meat with it and leave it for the whole night.
  3. In the morning you need to get rid of extra liquid. Rub steaks with salt and herbs to make their taste brighter.
  4. Lubricate frying pan with vegetable oil and fry steaks for five minutes from both sides.
  5. That`s it!

Yummy fish will be a perfect dinner even for those, who are trying to lose extra pounds. It`s healthy and nutritious dish for kids and adults. Bon Appetite!

Chef Andrew
My name is Andrew. I am the chef of the site "Very Tasty". This is a real creative kitchen!
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Comments (16)
23.09.2019 10:45

Cooked recently. Very steep. I liked how the products are combined. The family all loved it.

23.09.2019 10:55

Incredibly delicate taste, cooked professionally, have not tried such food for a long time. My family was satisfied after such an amazing dish.

23.09.2019 10:45

Shark meat is incredibly tasty and is considered a delicacy. I always buy for lunch and cook according to your recipe. It is amazingly obtained.

24.09.2019 10:34

Want thank author for what here uploaded a good and simple recipe!It turns out very tasty, and most importantly useful!. Was preparing fish on day the birth of son. Everyone liked and most importantly all ate. I have time to do all amounted to 40-50 minutes is considering the fact that I was doing everything slowly and not quickly. Yes, and the recipe is so complicated!So suggest a recipe for all fish lovers.

24.09.2019 11:53

Juicy tender meat. A shark is a delicacy that my whole family loves. According to this recipe, I often cook and am satisfied with the recipe. If you make it with a crust, then you’ll just lick your fingers. With fresh herbs, it is magically simple. Lemon and spices add an exquisite taste and aroma to a delicious steak. I recommend it to everyone.Shark meat is dietary and therefore everyone can eat.

24.09.2019 01:01

The process of cooking was not quick but it is worth waiting. Shark meat is not a common food for us. So I worried about the result. But to no purpose. The meat was delicate and with bright taste. Maybe next time I`ll add not so much lemon. And I`ll experiment with herbs. I also fried steak less than five minutes cause it was thin and it can run dry. Thanks a lot for the idea to taste new product.

24.09.2019 05:54

I would like to share my cooking method, I tried to pickle shark steak with lemon, and then I tried to marinate in ginger sauce. It turns out a lot tastier. In general, this recipe is considered original, since shark meat goes very well with lemon and greens. You can also use lime instead of lemon, it is certainly more expensive than lemon, but it gives a very unusual aroma. I advise everyone to fish gourmets to cook shark steak with different marinades and appreciate this tender and juicy meat. It is important to marinate properly in order to avoid bitterness.

24.09.2019 05:02

Really small-calorie fish and dietary meat from a shark. I rarely buy it, but really like cooking this dish for holidays. Lemon and greens add sophistication to this dish. You can serve it with vegetables or another side dish. Try to cook according to this recipe and surprise your friends. marinate steaks before frying, otherwise the meat may be bitter. Buy only fresh fish without freezing.

24.09.2019 07:08

I ate a crocodile, I ate moray eel, but I didn’t eat a shark))) It is tempting and tasty.

24.09.2019 07:48

I have never tried it, and I can hardly eat, but they described and cooked deliciously.

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