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Delicious Potato Salad with Green Leaves And Crotons


 Classic homemade potato potato - very good recipes of potato learn more...salad is very tasty. Plus this dish is low in calories!

We have several recipes for cooking perfect potato salad for you! Start with choosing the best and high quality ingredients.

 Think about choosing yummy potato. We recommend using Yukon gold potatoes. If you like, you can use white potato, as it is much creamier. Never use Russets potato! It will spoil the recipe.

 It is also very important not to let the potato salad become watery! This way the potato salad recipe with eggs will become untasty.

 So, use a dressing that is not too creamy. Don’t forget that you need to choose the right way to cook the potatoes. Never cut them before boiling.

 To make easy potato salad perfect, bake potatoes without peeling them. In this case they will be very yummy.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
3 pcs
380 cals
Olive oil
to taste
135 cals
to taste
440 cals
6 pcs
70 cals
Salad leaves
1 cup
15 cals
1 cup
70 cals
0.5 pcs
40 cals
1 clove
70 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
1220 cals
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  1. Preheat the oven to 375 F. Cut white bread into thin slices. Use 3 slices of the bread. Sprinkle them with olive oil and season with your favorite spices. Bake until the bread is crunchy. Chop it into small cubes.
  2. If you like, you can add grated cheese to make these crotons tastier.
  3. Now get down to cooking the potatoes. The easiest way is to cook them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes until they are soft.
  4. Drain the liquid. Cut the potato into small cubes.
  5. Grate hard cheese. Fill a big bowl with cheese, fried bread and chopped potatoes. Add fresh salad leaves.
  6. Mix yoghurt with lemon juice, minced garlic and grated cheese.
  7. Serve this salad on large plates. Mix all the ingredients with this yummy dressing!

 Hope you will like this recipe for nutritious potato salad. This dish is really impressive but very simple at the same time. If you like, you can make this potato salad with meat or any garnish you like. Bon Appetit!

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