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Cottage Cheese Casserole

Cottage Cheese Casserole

Hello. Today we are cooking cottage cheese snacks without using the flour. This cottage cheese casserole is soft, fluffy and juicy. You can cook this healthy cottage cheese dish every day and never get tired of it.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
cottage cheese
2 cups
140 cals
0.3 tsp
1 tbsp
370 cals
1 pcs
70 cals
1.25 cup
330 cals
butter or sour cream
2 tbsp
220 cals
240 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
1370 cals
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  1. Preheat the oven to 320 F.
  2. Mix raisins with boiling water and leave to swell.
  3. Grind the cottage cheese in a blender until smooth
  4. Take two bowls and separate yolks and whites.
  5. Strain the water and let raisins dry.
  6. Add egg yolks into a deep bowl and beat them with an electric mixer on the high speed during 5-7 minutes until the mass is fluffy.
  7. Mix lemon zest with boiling water, leave for 30 seconds. Zest will not be bitter.
  8. Add grated zest to yolks.
  9. Add one tablespoon of semolina.
  10. Add butter.
  11. Add salt and mix the mass with a mixer well.
  12. Add raisins and smooth cottage cheese.
  13. Mix everything with a blender until smooth.
  14. Take a clean bowl, put the whites into it and beat everything.
  15. Add sugar gradually.
  16. Add smooth cottage cheese in two steps.
  17. Mix it with a spatula or a mixer. Do not whisk it!!!
  18. Take the baking form, cover it with butter and dust with semolina.
  19. Pour the dough into the baking form.
  20. Put sour cream into the pastry bag and draw the patterns on the dough.
  21. Bake it in the preheated oven for approximately 40 – 45 minutes until browned.
  22. Leave it to cool and serve.

This cottage cheese casserole is soft, airy and very tasty. This is one of the best cottage cheese desserts in my collection of recipes. Enjoy!

Chef Andrew
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