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Classical Swiss Fondue


Traditional Swiss fondue was invented by the poor shepherds. They melted cheese cheese - very good recipes with cheese learn more... and served the whole pot with all the ingredients they could find in their bags. Now fondue is famous as one of the most exquisite dishes, served in the famous restaurants. However, you may cook this meal, using the minimal amount of ingredients.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
3 pcs
440 cals
White wine
1 bottle
78 cals
3 cloves
70 cals
1 pcs
340 cals
1 tbsp
Total calories in the prepared dish
928 cals
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  1. For cooking best fondue pot you`ll need to use three kinds of cheese. It shouldn`t necessarily be expensive. Any hard cheese will go. As for the wine, you may also buy something cheap. It won`t spoil the taste of your meal.
  2. So, let`s get down to work. Peel garlic and rub the bottom of the pan with it.
  3. Grate all the cheese. Pour wine into the pan and heat it.
  4. Add grated cheese. For it not to turn into the sticky ball, stir everything constantly. And don`t forget to add the starch.
  5. Finally, add mashed garlic.
  6. Cut bread into pieces to serve with the hot fondue.

Yummy cheese fondue with the spices is very tasty. For cooking this meal you`ll need to waist only 15 minutes. Share this recipe with your friends and wait for the recipe for chocolate fondue on our website!

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