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Classical Miso Soup with Tofu And Sea Kale


Though there are a lot of interesting recipes for miso soup, most newbies try to cook classical dish. If you learn to cook it, it will be easy for you to create your own interesting recipes.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Tofu cheese
0.5 cup
120 cals
Dry seaweed
1 tbsp
35 cals
Hondashi granules
1.5 tsp
25 cals
2 tbsp
70 cals
Soy miso pasta
0.5 cup
220 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
470 cals
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  1. It`s easy to cook this soup. If you have all the ingredients in the fridge, you`ll easily cope with this simple process. To begin with, boil 4 cups of water and add hondashi granules. Mix water until it melts and slow down the fire.
  2. Add the rest of ingredients. Cut tofu cheese and put these cubes into the pan.
  3. Pour boiling water into the bowl with seaweed. Leave it for 2 minutes and mix it with the rest of ingredients.
  4. Meanwhile you`ll need to prepare miso pasta. Put it into the small bowl; add several tablespoons of broth and make this pasta smooth.
  5. Add pasta into the pan together with sliced onion. Turn off the fire. Keep in mind that you do not need to boil soup after adding pasta. Moreover, you shouldn`t heat this soup, so it`s better to eat it quickly.


Soup with salmon

After cooking traditional soup, you may start experimenting.  Japanese people like to cook this dish with salmon. This soup is healthy and yummy. People love it for its taste and being simple to prepare. It`s recommended to use fish`s head. The most difficult task is to prepare the fish. Salmon has big head with wide bones, so you need to be a tough person to divide it into pieces.

Cut out the grills for the soup not to be bitter. Then cut the head in two and wash it. Rub both parts with salt, wait for several minutes and wash the fish again. The rest of the process will remain unchanged. Cook the broth, add salmon`s head and boil it for 5 minutes. Then add seaweed and cheese. That`s it.


Miso soup with shrimp

Sportsmen should like miso soup with shrimp. It`s rich in protein. For cooking this dish you`ll need to add 2.3 cups of shrimps, 1 cup of champignons, rice vinegar and Korean noodles. Fry sliced champignons with soy sauce and rice vinegar; boil shrimps and peel them. Mix noodles with boiled water. Add all the ingredients one by one and pour this soup into the bowls.

Soup with shrimps and squid

Here is one more way to cook a nutritious fish dish. In this case, you`ll add seafood and raw egg. Boil broth, add seaweed into the pan and cook them for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare shrimp and squid. Slowly pour a whipped egg into the pan and add miso pasta. Seafood will be used for decoration of each portion as well as sesame seeds and green onion.

Mushroom soup

This recipe is very healthy as well. Choose shiitaki mushrooms to cook the best miso soup ever. This ingredient is rich in vitamin D and has an unusual taste. However, you may replace it with champignons.

Slice mushrooms, cut tofu into pieces. Slice carrot and radishes. Add all these ingredients into the bowl with boiling broth. Add miso pasta and turn off the fire. Do not boil this soup for too long as mushrooms may become tasteless.

Miso soup with chicken

Here is one more easy recipe. All the ingredients are available. One more plus is that even inexperienced housewife may cope with cooking this exotic dish.

Boil chicken fillet and cut it into slices. Add rice and carrot into the bowl with the broth. Keep in mind that Japanese cooks do not fry vegetables. Add raw ingredients and boil your soup. Then add chicken, rice wine, 1 tsp of soy sauce and miso pasta. Turn off the fire and taste your gorgeous soup.

Chicken soup with noodles

This is one more variation of chicken miso soup. The only difference is that noodles are added. You need to add Udon right after turning the fire off. This is the nutritious meal you`ll cook in 20 minutes.

Soup with spinach and pork

Professional cooks like to cook misoshiru with fat pork and mushrooms. It`s very nutritious as well. Still, if you like fat dishes, this is must-cook for you.

Slice pork and fry it in the small pot with sesame seeds. Wash spinach leaves and boil them in the bowl with 1 l of hot water. Wash it with cold liquid and chop. Add these ingredients into the bowl with broth together with the rice vinegar, soy sauce, and pasta.

Sea bass soup

Many people prefer fish to meat. Sea bass soup is easy to cook as well. This recipe reminds of the classical one. The only difference is that you need to add grilled sea bass into the pan with broth. The rest of the steps will remain unchanged.

Mushroom soup with sea Kale

Finally, here is one more recipe of vegetable miso soup. It`s low in calories as you`ll use shiitaki and sea kale while cooking. Put mushrooms into the bowl with water and wait for an hour. Then boil them together with broth for an hour. Slow down the fire and cook this dish for 20 more minutes. Add sliced sea kale and continue cooking this soup with onion and tofu.

Now you know many interesting recipes and may choose the best one to treat your family with.

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