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Chocolate Churros. Unusual Dessert


Today we have found for you simple but interesting recipe of chocolate dessert. Churros are not sweet, but tender and really delicious. Yummy cream ideally complements the taste of pastry. Your kids will love it! Even the smell of hot churros evokes appetite and creates warm atmosphere at home. Cook it and the results will exceed your expectations.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Flour (wheat and whole-grain flour combined)
1.25 cup
198 cals
Cocoa powder
0.25 cup
95 cals
2 pcs
75 cals
0.25 cup
720 cals
Baking powder
1 tsp
17 cals
1 tsp
37 cals
1 pinch
1 tbsp
119 cals
60 ml
225 cals
White chocolate
1.5 bar
499 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
1985 cals
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  1. First , cook the dough.
  2. Find a pan and fill it with 350 ml. of water. Add butter and put this pan on the fire.
  3. Sift the flour through the sieve.
  4. You need to use two types of flour in this recipe: wheat and whole-grain.
  5. Find another bowl and mix cocoa, baking powder in it.
  6. In another bowl you should mix all the dry ingredients (sift them beforehand). Mix cocoa, baking powder, vanilla and salt well.
  7. When the water with melted butter boils, start slowly adding dry ingredients. Mix everything quickly until smooth. Then put this chocolate dough into the deep bowl.
  8. Break one egg into this bowl and mix the dough, using mixer. Then repeat the same process with the second egg.
  9. If you want to understand the process of cooking this dough better, watch the video below.
  10. Finally, put the dough into the pastry bag.
  11. Fill clean pan with vegetable oil and preheat it up to 356 degrees.
  12. Now squeeze out small churros and fry them. It`s recommended to cook each cake for two minutes from both sides.
  13. For the dessert not to burn, cook it on slow fire.
  14. When our churros are ready, put them on the paper towel in order to get rid of unnecessary fat.
  15. Now cook some cream for the dessert.
  16. Fill the pan with milk and preheat it.
  17. When the liquid is hot enough, add white chocolate. It should be broken into pieces. Stir the mass until chocolate melts.
  18. When the cream is ready, pour it into the small bowl.

Eat churros with sweet white cream. It`s very delicious and really easy to cook. Follow our recipe and you`ll create unusual dessert for your family and friends.
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