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Chickpea Puree


Chickpea is a great source of vegetable protein. Its popularity is constantly growing. The taste of this ingredient reminds of hazelnuts. You may buy either dry chickpea or canned. If you choose a can, you`ll save several hours as you won`t need to keep it in water for the whole night.
Chickpea may be used for cooking different dishes. For example, hummus, falafel, chickpea chops, etc. Here is the recipe of chickpea puree.
This is delicious, healthy and nutritious dish. Mashed chickpea is an amazing vegetarian snack. Meat lovers may eat it as a garnish with fish and meat dishes. Let`s cook it!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Dry chickpea
2.25 cups
210 cals
100 ml
220 cals
2 tbsp
240 cals
Baking soda (optionally)
0.5 tsp
11 cals
0.5 tsp
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
681 cals
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  1. Put dry chickpea in the bowl and cover it with water. The level of liquid should be higher than the level of peas. Leave it for 12 hours. I also recommend you to strain water and pour clean liquid regularly.
  2. When chickpea grows in size, strain the water and put peas into the pan. Add water at a ratio 1:2. Peas should be covered with water. Cook it for 1-1,5 hours. Then you need to strain the water. Leave 100 ml. of this liquid. You may add it later into the bowl for the puree not to be too thick.
  3. Put everything into the bowl of the blender and mash well until smooth.
  4. Add cream.
  5. Then add butter and dry paprika into this mass. Mash all the ingredients well. If this puree is too thick, add 100 ml of water.

That`s it. By the way, if you are in a hurry, add baking soda into the pan while cooking chickpea. You may also add it into the bowl with water and dry peas.
Eat this healthy puree with vegetables or add fish/meat to make your meal more nutritious.
Bon Appetite!

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