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Chicken Roll – Better than Sausages

Chicken roll – better than sausages

Like many people, I don`t like to buy sausage. It may be tasty, but the fact, that I don`t know what it`s made of, always spoils my appetite. That`s why I try to cook homemade chicken roll more often. First of all, chicken appetizer recipe is rather easy. What is more, this dish is delicious and nutritious.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Chicken breast
4 pcs
140 cals
4 tbsp
11 cals
2 cloves
70 cals
Salt, paprika, pepper
Total calories in the prepared dish
221 cals
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  1. Cut chicken fillet into pieces. They should be not too big, but not too small at the same time. Mash two cloves of garlic.
  2. Mix gelatin with water and leave it for 10 minutes.
  3. Put fillet into the bowl. Salt it, pepper, add garlic and gelatin.
  4. Put all this mass on the plastic wrap and cover it well. Tight the ends of the mass not to fall out.
  5. Boil water and put this roll into the pan. Boil it for one hour.
  6. When it cools down, put the roll into the fridge. Now the dish is ready.

I hope, I really proved that such snack recipes are really easy. If you try to cook it, you`ll never forget its taste. Enjoy your meal with Very Tasty.
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