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Poached eggs – the easiest method of cooking
Poached Eggs – The Easiest Method of Cooking
I have big experience in cooking and always try to create something new. Still, I had lot of problems, not knowing how to make poached eggs. And now I`ve found the solution of this problem. I want to share it…
Filling meat pie with vegetables
Filling Meat Pie with Vegetables
Hearty meat pie with veggies is a perfect alternative for pizza-lovers. My mom cooked it and got lots of compliments. You should also try it, to make sure that it`s really delicious and filling.
Great potato rolls with meat and cheese
Great Potato Rolls with Meat and Cheese
If you`re looking for the sandwich roll recipe, this is a real godsend for you. Potato rolls with meat and cheese can be perfect snack for the whole family. They are extremely delicious and soft. They really melt in the…
Filling pie
Filling Pie
It was my granny, who gave me the recipe of this pie. She always cooked the most delicious pies. I recommend you to cook it too. This is one of the variants of tasty shepherd’s pie. Believe me, among all…
Quick potato pies
Quick Potato Pies
These pies are delicious due to the special dough. It`s tasty and crunchy. At the same time, this dish is really nutritious. It can replace famous pork pies. Try and you`ll definitely like it. Everyone, who cooked it to my…
Chicken roll – better than sausages
Chicken Roll – Better than Sausages
Like many people, I don`t like to buy sausage. It may be tasty, but the fact, that I don`t know what it`s made of, always spoils my appetite. That`s why I try to cook homemade chicken roll more often. First…
Puffs you can`t keep your hands off
Puffs You Can`t Keep Your Hands Off
Quite frequently guests visit us without warning. In this case we need to cook something quickly to show our hospitality. The best way out is to cook tasty puffs. If you have 20 minutes when your quests are washing hands…
Snack rolls
Snack Rolls
Two-colored snack made of pancakes is both delicious and beautiful. Cook it to decorate your festive table or make a routine breakfast brighter.
Fish pie
Fish Pie
Easy fish pie recipes are popular all over the world. Nutritionists notice that fish is good for health and rich in useful microelements. Today we`ll tell you about salmon fish pie recipe, which is definitely worth your attention.
Very tasty meat pie
Very Tasty Meat Pie
Sometimes dinner ideas with ground beef may be really interesting. Cooking meat pie is one of such ideas. It definitely deserves your attention, so don`t waste your time, read the recipe and try to make this tasty dish at home.
Cheese Appetizer in 5 Minutes
Cheese Appetizer in 5 Minutes
Hello. Today I offer you to cook the best appetizers in 5 minutes. You may use these fast appetizers as party snacks, lunch or just a snack for everyday. These appetizers are very simple to cook – just wrap and…
Chicken rolls - tastier than sausages
Chicken Rolls. Tastier than Sausages
Nowadays it`s difficult to find nice organic sausages in the supermarkets. However, you may cook it at home any time. It`s easier in preparation than spring roll recipe or chicken egg roll recipe , so anyone can make it. All…
Stuffed loaf
Stuffed Loaf
If you are fed up with ordinary sandwiches and wanna some diversity, try stuffed loaf instead. It`s not only tasty and nutritious, but creative as well. Bright filling makes this snack suitable even for festive meals.
Perfect Baked Potato
Perfect Baked Potato
Hello. Today I`m going to share with you the best way of baking potato. If you try to cook this dish, you`ll forget about the other ways of cooking potatoes. This dish is very tasty. It melts in your mouth, though…
The Lazy Dumplings With Cottage Cheese
Lazy Dumplings With Cottage Cheese
Hello. Today I`ll share with you the fast recipe. These lazy dumplings with cottage cheese are very nice, soft and delicious.
Quick cheesecakes in a frying pan
Quick Cheesecakes in A Frying Pan
For those, loving snacks on snacks, homemade khachapuri will be a real godsend. They are traditional Georgian dish you definitely have to taste. However, these cheese snacks are not that easy to be prepared. That is why we`ve found a…
Chicken stripes
Chicken Stripes
Delicious chicken stripes are KFC`s speciality. However, you can cook the same tasty nuggets at home. Like all homemade dishes, the crunchy chicken will be much healthier than those from fast-food.
Stuffed meatball pie
Stuffed Meatball Pie
Delicious meatball soup is well known, unlike pies with the same filling. Today we`ll tell you the recipe of the one you may try to cook immediately.
French fries with no oil
French Fries With No Oil
Delicious French fries is one of favourite dishes for thousands people. It`s served in different fast-foods and frequently eaten together with hamburgers. However, these crunchy oiled potato pieces can’t be called healthy food. But what if we cook it without…
Meat roll in pita
Meat Roll with Pita
Pita rolls became really popular these days. It`s quick, affordable and tasty snack. No matter are you a busy mum or a student, you`ll definitely like it. Here is one of the easiest recipes of this roll, which you may…
Potato roll with meat
Potato Roll with Meat
Every good housewife can create something tasty and nutritious even with the small variety of ingredients. Potato roll with meat is one of such simple dishes. It`s easy to cook, delicious and cheap. You can treat your family with such…
Quick pies in the oven
Quick Pies in The Oven
Tasty minced pies can be a delicious appetizer or a main dish for you and your guests. They are healthier and less caloric than fried snacks, and pretty easy to make since there is no need to work with the…
The Snail Pie
The Snail Pie
Hello. Today I tell you how to make a snail cake of puff pastry with ham. It is very easy ham pie recipe. The cake is tender, original, with a crispy crust and very tasty. The snail cake is one…
Express Recipe of Quick Breakfast Bread Rolls With Bacon. The Best Breakfast for Men
Quick Breakfast Bread Rolls With Bacon. The Best Breakfast for Men
Hello! Today I will share with you the recipe for quick breakfast, very hearty and delicious. It is a very easy breakfast recipe to start your day with pleasure
Lazy Snacks, if no Time for Cooking!
Lazy Snacks, if no Time for Cooking!
Hello. Let’s cook the fast snack with simple ingredients. The taste of this dish is just stunning.  Try to cook the easy snacks and your family will be delighted.
Cheese Muffins. Cooking in Minutes and Eating in Seconds
Cheese Muffins
Hello, friends! Today I`ll share with you cheese muffins recipe. These muffins are tender and delicious. You can use different types of cheese to make the new taste of muffins, for example, halloumi cheese. Let’s start!  
Chicken Wings in the Oven With a Crispy Crust. The Secret is in the Marinade!
Chicken Wings in the Oven With a Crispy Crust
Hello! Today we`ll cook chicken wings with a crispy crust in the oven. The recipe is very simple but the result is amazing: tender chicken wings with yummy browned crisp. Crispy chicken wings are perfect for holiday and for a…
Tender Thin Potato Pies. Just Melt in Your Mouth!
Tender Thin Potato Pies. They`ll Melt in Your Mouth!
Hello. Today I will share with you potato pie recipe. It's very tender, thin and delicious. This recipe is easy and all the ingredients are available. Let’s start!
Fluffy Pancakes With Kefir
Fluffy Pancakes With Kefir
Hello. Today I am cooking fluffy pancakes with kefir. If you are not familiar with buttermilk, you should know that it has a nice thick creamy texture that makes baked goods tender. I`ll tell you about the easiest way of…
Rolls With a Melting Filling
Rolls With a Melting Filling
Hello. Today I will share with you the recipe of delicious and easy breakfast rolls. It is very easy recipe. This snack will become your favourite meal.