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Puff Pastry Sticks With Ham
Hello. Today I am cooking the puff pastry sticks with ham. If you look at the sticks, it makes your mouth water. Our  tasty sticks with ham are very appetizing, delicious and smooth tasting. The cooking will not take much…
Guacamole with spinach
Most of us like sandwiches and other easy snacks with guacamole. This tender paste can make all simple snacks exquisite. Try to cook guacamole with spinach to make your meals healthier.
Salad with white beans and tuna
Salads with canned white beans are very tasty. One more plus is that they are easy to cook, as you do not need to boil beans. Many Turkish and Mexican salads include this ingredient. It totally changes the taste of…
Bruschetta with baked vegetables and cream cheese
Crunchy bruschetta will amuse you with the taste of juicy baked veggies and tender cream cheese. This Italian dish is usually served as a snack. Combination of Philadelphia, parsley and garlic tastes great. Cook this appetizer and all your guests…
Eggplants baked with cheese and tomatoes
Summer is a perfect time to fill your organism with vitamins. One of the easiest ways to do it is to eat vegetables and fruits. Here is one interesting recipe of eggplants cooked with cheese and Italian spices.
Eggs with avocado
Avocado is used for cooking different dishes. It`s rich in vitamins and good fats. If you eat it regularly, you`ll always be healthy and beautiful.
Quick snack potato pancakes
Here is the recipe of nutritious and quick snack. These pancakes should be served with sauces or fresh salads.
Stuffed potato with ham and cheese
Here is the recipe of delicious potato, stuffed with cream cheese, garlic and prosciutto.
Cauliflower au gratin
Perfect cauliflower au gratin is tender and juicy inside. It`s perfect snack for everyone. Here is the recipe of such a dish for you.
Marinated Norwegian Style Trout
Fresh Norwegian fish is the source of vitamins and minerals. You may cook it at home. Even those who do not like fish will eat this meal with pleasure.
Crunchy chicken wings au gratin
Baked chicken wings aren`t worse than those, cooked in the fryer. This snack is still yummy but not so fat. As poultry is covered with breadcrumbs, this dish cannot be called healthy. However, if you`re not on a diet, you…
Stuffed peppers for diner
This dish is low in calories and may be eaten for dinner. You may also stuff you peppers with carrot, nuts, mayonnaise, cheese, garlic or cottage cheese.
Potato croquettes with the filling
This yummy and nutritious snack is something you may cook even for a festive meal. Today I want to share with you the recipe of delicious croquettes with yummy filling. They have crunchy golden crust and juicy filling. They are…
Potato croquettes
Potato croquettes are small balls made of mashed potato and fried in the big amount of oil. They are soft and covered with crunchy crust. This dish is one of the most popular snacks. As for the recipe, it`s rather…
Potato waffles
Here is unusual recipe of unsweetened waffles. These waffles have something in common with traditional hash-browns. They are crunchy and very delicious. By the way, this recipe is much healthier as less oil is used while cooking. I recommend you…
Vegan Tacos
If you`re a vegan, you always need to search for interesting recipes to make your ration more diverse. This recipe may be changed to your taste. Add any ingredients you like. For example, you may replace beans with other pulses…
Chickpea puree
Chickpea is a great source of vegetable protein. Its popularity is constantly growing. The taste of this ingredient reminds of hazelnuts. You may buy either dry chickpea or canned. If you choose a can, you`ll save several hours as you…
Potato skins
This dish is extremely tasty and easy to cook. I tasted it in one of the restaurants. Now I cook it for my family regularly. Though cooking stuffed potatoes takes much time, I spend this time with pleasure. If you`re…
Eggplant rolls with different fillings
Eggplant rolls with different kinds of filling may be perfect snack. You may eat them all year round. Buy 1-2 eggplants and several more ingredients for the filling. This snack is both simple and not expensive. Rolls may be cooked…
Cheese muffins with green onion
Here is an interesting recipe of salty pastry. Muffins with green onion can be great snack. Ingredients: · Butter – 1/3 cup · Salt – 2 pinches · Eggs – 4 pieces · Flour – 1 and ¾ cups ·…
6 recipes of eggplant rolls
Even simple vegetables may be used for cooking unusual delicacies. Use your fantasy and cook such a yummy snack. They may even replace traditional sushi and rolls! Eggplant rolls Here is the first and the simplest recipe of rolls. Ingredients:…
Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and chicken
Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and chicken is very popular in Europe. It has nothing in common with Hawaii. It`s named in honour of sunny place `cause of the bright stuffing. Main ingredients of this dish are boiled chicken, pineapple and…
Potato baked with bacon
This dish isn`t really healthy. Still, if you want to taste something delicious and nutritious, cook this potato. It takes no more than 50 minutes. This baked potato is fragrant and soaked with meat juice. It is very important to…
Crunchy onion rings
This is one of the most famous snacks. You may eat it in the bar, but today we give you the recipe, so you`ll be able to cook onion rings at home. Ingredients: · Onion – 1-2 pieces · Flour…
Potato gnocchi with meat
Nutritious and delicious meal solves many problems. Here is an interesting recipe of a dinner or a supper for those, who like simple food. Classical combination of potato with meat is really great. Everyone will like it! The recipe is…
How to bake potato slices with crunchy crust
Potato is one of the most widespread ingredients. There are lots of recipes, including it. It may be boiled, fried or mashed. Still, if you choose one of these variants, you`ll need to participate in the process. Here is an…
Potato sandwiches
Potato sandwiches
There are a lot of dishes, made of potato. All of them are nutritious and delicious. My family prefers baked potato. So, I always try to experiment and improve classical recipes. This fragrant dish looks unusual and has an interesting…
Quick snack made of puff pastry
Puff pastry helps us save a lot of time. It may be bought in different supermarkets. Unlike classical dough, it is perfect for cooking interesting desserts. You may decorate different cakes with it or cook small cakes. Today we`ll share…
Cheese pie made of tortilla
This quick recipe is great for those situations when you have sudden guests or simply want to cook something very quickly. It has nice cheese cake and great fragrance. You may also experiment with the recipe. For example, add greens.…
Sandwich with pineapples
These hot sandwiches are exquisite and yummy. As they are filling, you may cook them for breakfast. Still, they are also suitable for a festive meal or party, as they taste like delicious pizza. Ingredients: · White bread – 3…