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Eateries pies is a great option for the holiday table. Pies are a good snack, and very satisfying.

Buns with mushrooms
There are thousands of recipes of snacks made of puff pastry. Today I want to share with you one more tasty recipe – buns with mushrooms and cheese. You may choose any size and form of pies and fill them…
Wild mushroom baked pies
Mushroom pies made of yeast dough are tasty and easy to cook.
Pies with pumpkin
Unlike meat pies, this type of pastry is a bit unusual. Try to cook it and make your ration more diverse. Ingredients: · Puff pastry – ½ pack · Pumpkin – to taste · Onion – 1 piece · Lard…
Chicken pie with potato
This pie is easy to cook. If you`re a big fun of pies with different types of stuffing, try to cook this one. Ingredients: For the dough: · Flour – 2-3 cups · Yoghurt – 125 ml. · Sour cream…
Quiche Lorraine with ham and cheese
Quiche Lorraine is an open pie with salty stuffing. The recipe was created in France. It is easy to cook such a pie. You can experiment with this recipe, changing the stuffing. Use meat, sausages, vegetables and cheeses. Any combination…
Simple meat pie
This is a very tasty pie with crunchy crust and juicy filling. Though you need to work with the dough, you won`t waste much time on cooking. Ingredients: The dough: · Flour – 2-2,5 tbsp. · Yoghurt – 1 tbsp.…
Meat muffins with quail eggs
Besides traditional sweet muffins, there are unusual meat cakes. This dish is both unusual and good-looking. You`ll love this combination of juicy meat and boiled eggs. Let`s get down to cooking! Ingredients: · Minced meat – 4 and ½ cup…
Fish pie with rice
Fish pie with rice
If you`re tired of traditional dinners, here is unusual recipe for you. This pastry tastes great. It is soft, fragrant and juicy. All your friends will love it if you treat them with this dish. One more plus of this…
Chickpea cakes with carrot
Unlike classical chops, chickpea cakes with carrot are healthy and suitable for any meal. They are easy to cook, rich in vitamins and cheap. Follow the instruction and you`ll cook great snack for anyone. Ingredients: · Chickpea – 1/3 cup…
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Soft frittata recipe
This recipe of baked frittata is perfect for a big family. It`s easy and quick to cook. Frittata has tender taste and milky smell. If you like, you may add any additional component: sausages, vegetables, greens or cheese. I suggest…
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Quick pies with filling
Cooking these lazy pies won`t take much time. Still, each quick pie will have perfect taste and fragrance. Try to cook it and you`ll like it and add to the collection of your favourite healthy pie recipes. Ingredients: For dough:…
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Snack cake for Breakfast
When I do not have much time in the morning, I usually cook delicious snack pies. This one reminds me of pizza a bit and is very delicious. For cooking this breakfast you can use all the ingredients you have.…
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Snack cake with sausages
There are a lot of delicious recipes of baked sausage patties and sausage burgers. If you have tried both of these ideas, here is one more recipe for you. Snack cake with amazing taste! Your friends will eat it in…
Delicious cake with chicken and mushrooms
Dear friends, I want to present you simple recipe of the cake made of crepes. It`s perfect for family lunch or festive dinner. Such a snack with chicken is tender and yummy. Crepes will melt in the mouth. You will…
Changeling Pizza-Pie
Changeling Pizza-Pie
Hello. Today we cook a vegetable changeling Pizza-Pie. This is unique pizza recipe, which can be used even in the pie pizzeria menu. The pizza pie recipe is very tasty and quick. The pizza ingredients are ordinary, but the pie…
Very Tasty Snack Instead of Dinner for Your Family
Very Tasty Snack Instead of Dinner for Your Family
Hello. Let’s cook a delicious meal - the sausages in potato coat. It’s very quick, rich and tasty evening snacks. The snack idea of sausage and potatoes can be used like as full dish or as potato patty with sausage…
Filling meat pie with vegetables
Filling meat pie with vegetables
Hearty meat pie with veggies is perfect alternative for pizza-lovers. My mom cooked it and got lots of compliments. You should also try it, to make sure that it`s really delicious and filling. Ingredients: Dough: · Flour – 7 ounce…
Filling pie
Filling pie
It was my granny, who gave me the recipe of this pie. She always cooked the most delicious pies. I recommend you to cook it too. This is one of the variants of tasty shepherd's pie. Believe me among all…
Quick potato pies
Quick potato pies
These pies are delicious due to the special dough. It`s tasty and crunchy. At the same time, this dish is really nutritious. It can replace famous pork pies. Try and you`ll definitely like it. Everyone, who cooked it to my…
Cottage cheese casserole with apples
Cottage cheese casserole with apples. The dessert, which really melts in the mouth
There are many cottage cheese casserole recipes. Today I want to share my favourite one with you. It`s so tender and soft! You even do not need to chew it, just put one piece into the mouth and wait until…
Fish pie
Fish Pie
Easy fish pie recipes are popular all over the world. Nutritionists notice that fish is good for health and rich in useful microelements. Today we`ll tell you about salmon fish pie recipe, which is definitely worth your attention.
Very tasty meat pie
Very Tasty Meat Pie
Sometimes dinner ideas with ground beef may be really interesting. Cooking meat pie is one of such ideas. It definitely deserves your attention, so don`t waste your time, read the recipe and try to make this tasty dish at home.
Chicken rolls - tastier than sausages
Chicken Rolls. Tastier than Sausages
Nowadays it`s difficult to find nice organic sausages in the supermarkets. However, you may cook it at home any time. It`s easier in preparation than spring roll recipe or chicken egg roll recipe , so anyone can make it. All…
Stuffed loaf
Stuffed Loaf
If you are fed up with ordinary sandwiches and wanna some diversity, try stuffed loaf instead. It`s not only tasty and nutritious, but creative as well. Bright filling makes this snack suitable even for festive meals.
Meringue. The Secret Recipe
Meringue. The Secret Recipe
Hello. Let’s cook delicious mini meringue cookies. Crispy, airy, beautiful and delicious meringue biscuits will satisfy all your need. 
Quick Chocolate Cake
Quick Chocolate Cake
Hello. Today I am cooking quick chocolate cake using the best chocolate cake recipe. For cooking this dessert you need to: mix dry chocolate cake ingredients, combine them with the liquid,  pour it into the baking form and bake. The cake…
The Cake on the Pan
The Cake on the Pan
Hello. Today I am cooking the yummy cake on the pan. This non-baked dessert is great for those who doesn`t have an oven at home. This delicious cake is very tender, tasty, melting in the mouth and not too sweet.  Let’s…
Quick cheesecakes in a frying pan
Quick Cheesecakes in A Frying Pan
For those, loving snacks on snacks, homemade khachapuri will be a real godsend. They are traditional Georgian dish you definitely have to taste. However, these cheese snacks are not that easy to be prepared. That is why we`ve found a…
Chocolate pancakes
Chocolate Pancakes
If you were looking for the perfect dessert, here it is. Chocolate pancakes with soft cottage cheese weight is easy to cook and extremely delicious. Here is the simple recipe, you may repeat at home.
Stuffed meatball pie
Stuffed Meatball Pie
Delicious meatball soup is well known, unlike pies with the same filling. Today we`ll tell you the recipe of the one you may try to cook immediately.