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Green Smoothie with Avocado, Cucumber and Lettuce
Today I want to share with you refreshing green smoothie with avocado, cucumber and lettuce. You may cook this fresh drink even in the morning when you have no extra time. Smoothie with cucumber is light and fresh. It tastes…
Creamy Blueberry Smoothie
This is a perfect combination of freshness and creamy taste. You`re sure to like this delicious drink!
Strawberry smoothie with ice cream
Homemade strawberry smoothie tastes much better than the one you may order or buy. You can choose the best ingredients and be sure that this dish is really qualitative. Here is the recipe of perfect summer cocktail.
Fresh Breakfast with Fruits and Vegetables
This light and fresh breakfast will fill you with energy without giving you extra calories. Natural refreshing ingredients are rich in vitamins. One of the main secrets of this smoothie is that apples are used here instead of bananas. Therefore,…
Tomatoes and Pepper Smoothie
This heating tomato smoothie is one of the most unusual snacks you may cook this summer!
Blueberry smoothies – 5 amazing recipes
Amazing blueberry smoothies are delicious and healthy. Blueberry is the source of antioxidants. Scientists proved that this berry helps to improve memory and the work of brain. Here are five recipes of yummy smoothies, you may try. Include them into…
Green smoothie
Green smoothie
Green smoothie is a perfect breakfast. It`s healthy and rich in vitamins, so such a meal will do you only good. You may use frozen spinach instead of fresh or add any other ingredients. Add cucumbers or salad leaves, for…