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Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese
Combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell pepper and feta cheese sounds like a win-win. Today we`ll share with you the recipe for such a dish.
Chickpea Tomato Salad
Today I want to share with you the recipe of simple but very nutritious salad with chickpea, tomatoes, onion, eggs and amazing dressing. Such a fresh salad will be gone in a minute! Cook it for your friends and family…
Salad with feta, olives and vegetables
This healthy variation of traditional Greek salad is a perfect summer dish. If you like, you may replace feta with brynza.
Salad with Shrimp
 Summer delicious salad with shrimp and fresh vegetables is amazing. It`s both good-looking and very yummy. Let`s cook it together.
Fresh Vegetable Salad
This salad taste like summer. If you want to treat your guests with something special, cook this dish.
Salad with white beans and tuna
Salads with canned white beans are very tasty. One more plus is that they are easy to cook, as you do not need to boil beans. Many Turkish and Mexican salads include this ingredient. It totally changes the taste of…
Summer salad with grilled chicken
Here is the recipe of fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers olives and baked chicken.
Tabbouleh salad with bulgur
Here is one more traditional Eastern dish. You should try to cook this juicy, yummy and healthy salad.
Vegetable salad with Feta cheese
This is basic salad for any occasion. It has fresh taste and is very bright, so you are sure to like such a fresh garnish.
Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and arugula
Vegetable salads are very popular and can be eaten with different main meals. They taste great in combination with meat, poultry or fish. Today I want to share with you the recipe of the salad with fetaxa, tomatoes and cheese.…
Summer vegetable salad with pumpkin and Mozzarella cheese
One of the most interesting dishes in the Mediterranean cuisine is summer salad with pumpkin. You should try to cook it!
Salad with baked potato, bacon and tomatoes
This is rather simple salad idea. Do not fry potato for too long. And if you like, you may replace arugula with dill or celery. Ingredients: · Middle-sized potato – 15 pieces · Thin slices of bacon – 7/8 cup…
The tastiest salad with avocado, shrimp and Tartar
Though avocado is a fruit, it tastes great in combination with seafood, cheese and even meat. Today I want to share with you one interesting recipe of salad with shrimp and avocado. It is easy to cook this dish. However,…
Salad with spinach, nuts and apples
Dishes with spinach are healthy and easy to cook. Spinach became popular in ХV century in the Europe. Now people all over the world use it while cooking different meals. This ingredient is rich in vitamins, magnesium, protein and iron.…
Salad with arugula, tomatoes and eggs
If you`re interested in eating healthy food, you must know arugula – famous Italian herb. It is used while cooking different dishes, including salads and sauces. It tastes great in combination with meat, vegetables, fish or even fruits. Here is…
Mediterranean salad with feta, tomatoes and cucumbers
Summer salads with fresh greens and vegetables are diverse and yummy. The easiest way to cook such a salad is to slice all the vegetables and sprinkle them with oil. Still, you may cook something more interesting and nutritious, adding…
Salad with smoked chicken fillet and pineapple
This salad is an unusual combination of ingredients. You need to mix kiwi, avocado, smoked chicken breast and fresh pineapple in one bowl. Don`t be afraid, it will be very tasty! Ingredients: · Smoked chicken breast – 1 and ½…
Korean-style cucumbers with meat
Korean cuisine is famous for its being spicy and unusual. Hot taste evokes appetite that is why this dish is usually eaten as a salad with some garnish. You may eat it hot or cold. In both cases it is…
Chickpea salad with sun-dried tomatoes and olives
This is classical salad with a fresh taste and healthy combination of ingredients in the bowl. It may be eaten with meat dishes, fish or without any garnishes. Ingredients: · Chickpea – 1 and 7/8 cup · Sun-dried tomatoes –…
Quick cheese salad
One of my friends recommended me to cook this easy salad with cheese and crackers. I couldn`t imagine the salad to be so tasty and light at the same time. Though the ingredients to do not seem to be a…
Garlic salad
Garlic salad
Quick salad with garlic is very delicious due to its hot zest. It may become a part of your daily ration or another festive meal. There are a lot of variations of one and the same salad. Even our grannies…
5 fresh salads for a dinner
5 fresh salads for a dinner
If you want to keep fit, do not eat after 6 p.m. For those who can`t cope with hunger in the evening, there exist lots of recipes of fresh salads. Today we`ll share with you 5 ideas, you can use…
Broccoli salad with egg and tomatoes
Broccoli salad with egg and tomatoes
Catherine de Medici, French queen, was a big fan of broccoli. It was she, who made this vegetable popular in France. Many different dishes were created since then. However today I want to share with you the recipe of broccoli…
Quick salad
Gourmet salad recipes are really popular nowadays. Here are 2 simple recipes, everyone can cook in several minutes. Taste of a quick salad will pleasantly surprise those, who like beans and cilantro. To begin with, let`s look at the classical…
Mushroom salad
There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the…
Amazing spring salad
Amazing spring salad
Dear friends, I want to share with you the recipe of amazing spring salad with peas and corns. It`s easy to cook. What`s more, using simple available ingredients, you can make a big bowl of delicious food. It may be…
TOP-4 celery salads
TOP-4 celery salads
In order to add variety to the festive dinner, women usually try to cook a lot of new salads. Here are our top celery salad recipes. Each one includes apples and is sure to be tasty. All your guests will…
Lean salad with mushrooms
Lean Olivier salad with mushrooms
Recently I`ve tried lean Olivier salad with mushrooms in one of vegetarian restaurants. I liked it so much! It`s one of the easiest salad recipes. You can cook it at home without wasting much money on ingredients. I tried to…
Festive salad
Festive salad
When the holidays are coming, each housewife wants to cook something special and create a new recipe. The main secret of perfect salad recipes is that they are easy and you do not need to spend much time cooking. At…
Best salads without mayonnaise!
Best salads without mayonnaise! Only new recipes! Surprise your guests!
Visitors of our website quite frequently require new recipes of salads with no mayonnaise added. And of course, they want to find something tasty with an interesting dressing. We`ve made a collection of extraordinarily delicious and absolutely new salads without…