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Russian Pancakes with Red Caviar
Here is the recipe for traditional Russian pancakes. You may cook them for a party or even eat for breakfast if you like.
Traditional Russian Cakes
If you like to try pastry from all over the world, here is one more interesting recipe for you.
Pies with Potato and Green Onion
Potato may be used for cooking various meals. Today we`ll share with you the recipe for yummy pies with potato and fresh green onion.
Homemade Pancakes with Cottage Cheese and Strawberry Jam
This recipe is perfect for kids. Yummy pancakes may be served both hot and cold. You may add sour cream or yoghurt into the plate and decorate everything with jam.
Quick pies with cabbage
If you don`t want to bake anything, you`ll love this recipe. This dish may remind you of cabbage casserole and that`s great. You may treat all your friends with it as it`s easy to cook and very fragrant.
Amazing pies with eggs and green onion
Today I`ll teach you to cook amazing pies with eggs and green onion. This pastry is very tasty and soft. One more plus is that they are filled with the big amount of stuffing. You won`t waste much time on…
Onion chops
Today I prepared for you cheap and simple recipe. If you like onion, you must try to cook this dish. However, if you`re a real meat lover, you may try it as well: you won`t recognize this ingredient as chops…
Pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins
These yummy pancakes, stuffed with cottage cheese and raisins are very tender. I will share with you simple recipe of pancakes. They`re always elastic and tender. As for the stuffing, you may add vanilla, cinnamon or citrus zest into the…
Stuffed Yeast Donuts
Homemade yeast donuts are aerial and very delicious. You may stuff them with thick jam or condensed milk.
Zucchini pancakes
Zucchini Pancakes
If you have old kefir in your fridge and don`t know what to do with it, use diary product to cook delicious pancakes. They are fat-free and extremely tasty. These pancakes can be perfect breakfast or supper. They are really easy to cook,…
Pies with mushrooms
Pies with Mushrooms
If you haven`t been on vacation for a long time and are tired of your daily routine, cook mushroom pies. This dish will remind you of your childhood and dishes, cooked by caring granny. This is quick pie, so you won`t get…
Lazy dumplings with potatoes
Lazy Dumplings With Potatoes
These lazy dumplings with potatoes are tasty and easy to cook. One more benefit is that they can be eaten during the Fast. Personally, I cook them frequently and with great pleasure. All the ingredients are simple and cheap. If…
The Lazy Dumplings With Cottage Cheese
Lazy Dumplings With Cottage Cheese
Hello. Today I`ll share with you the fast recipe. These lazy dumplings with cottage cheese are very nice, soft and delicious.
Tender Thin Potato Pies. Just Melt in Your Mouth!
Tender Thin Potato Pies. They`ll Melt in Your Mouth!
Hello. Today I will share with you potato pie recipe. It's very tender, thin and delicious. This recipe is easy and all the ingredients are available. Let’s start!
Fluffy Pancakes With Kefir
Fluffy Pancakes With Kefir
Hello. Today I am cooking fluffy pancakes with kefir. If you are not familiar with buttermilk, you should know that it has a nice thick creamy texture that makes baked goods tender. I`ll tell you about the easiest way of…
Quick Lazy Chebureks
Quick Lazy Chebureks
Hello! Today I am cooking russian dish - chebureks. As this recipe is very simple and quick, we call it “lazy russian chebureki”. Let's cook!  
Simple lazy Dumplings – Easy, Quick and Delicious
Simple lazy Dumplings – Easy, Quick and Delicious
Hello. Today I will share with you the quick dumpling recipe.  Sometimes you do not want to waste time on making dumplings. In this case you can use this simple and fast recipe. Of course, the shape of easy dumplings…