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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream
This chocolate cake is the perfect dish for everyone who loves unusual desserts. Airy sponge-cakes are literary melting in the mouth. Such a double chocolate cake will definitely improve your mood and make you forget about depression!
Muffins in the Microwave Oven
If you need to treat your sudden guests with something special, here is an easy recipe for you. To cook this dessert you need to use simple ingredients and silicone forms. Let`s get down to work!
The Easiest Recipe for Homemade Ciabatta
Ciabatta is one of famous Italian dishes. In fact, this is rather difficult recipe. However, you may use this recipe and cook it in less than an hour.
Homemade Bread You May Eat with Anything
Today I`ll share with you one simple recipe. You may cook this soft homemade bread without any problems. It always has nice crust and soft flesh. Cook this dish with love and all your family members will eat it with…
Christmas Bread with Candied Fruit
Homemade bread isn`t the most widespread dish. However, you may cook it for a family dinner. Especially, when it`s Christmas time. Let`s try to cook this yummy and nutritious dessert together.
Traditional Russian Cakes
If you like to try pastry from all over the world, here is one more interesting recipe for you.
Pies with Potato and Green Onion
Potato may be used for cooking various meals. Today we`ll share with you the recipe for yummy pies with potato and fresh green onion.
Pie with Rice and Meat
This yummy pie is very easy to cook. I usually use this recipe when I have no time to prepare something more complicated.
Quick Breakfast: Unsweetened Muffins with Cheese
Muffins shouldn`t necessarily be sweet! You`ll be surprised how tasty and easy to cook these breakfast muffins are.
Bunny Shaped Buns
Hello. Today I offer you to cook perfect buns made of cottage cheese dough in the shape of Bunnies. I like this recipe, `cause the dough is cooked very quickly.  The simple bun is soft, tender, airy, and saves its…
Puff Pastry Sticks With Ham
Hello. Today I am cooking the puff pastry sticks with ham. If you look at the sticks, it makes your mouth water. Our  tasty sticks with ham are very appetizing, delicious and smooth tasting. The cooking will not take much…
Spinach Buns
Spinach buns made of puff pastry are very tender. You should definitely try to cook them with the spinach.
Yummy Snack Pies
If you want to treat your family with something special, cook these yummy pies. Delicious snack is made of simple ingredients. However, their taste is rich and by cooking such a snack you`ll make each dinner festive. I recommend you to cook…
Country sausage in the potato dough
Country Sausage in the Potato Dough
If you are looking for new breakfast recipes with sausage and potatoes, try this one. Country sausage in the potato dough can be a perfect snack or breakfast. I even taught my husband to cook it, though he hasn`t cooked…
Quick and easy banana cobbler
Quick and Easy Banana Cobbler
If you like traditional apple cobbler, the recipe of this banana dessert will really delight you. It`s puffy, fragrant and has an extremely delicious filling. Traditional recipe has a British origin. Cobbler has lots of variations in different countries. For…
Very tasty meat pie
Very Tasty Meat Pie
Sometimes dinner ideas with ground beef may be really interesting. Cooking meat pie is one of such ideas. It definitely deserves your attention, so don`t waste your time, read the recipe and try to make this tasty dish at home.
Rolls With a Melting Filling
Rolls With a Melting Filling
Hello. Today I will share with you the recipe of delicious and easy breakfast rolls. It is very easy recipe. This snack will become your favourite meal.
Special Apple Pie. Try to Cook
Special Apple Pie. Try to Cook
Hello. Today I am cooking the special apple pie. Traditional apple pie will surprise nobody, but this one is special. The homemade apple pie is very easy to cook and turns out to be very soft and moist. You don’t…