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Pancakes with tuna and rice
Stuffed pancakes are very delicious. Today I`ll teach you to cook homemade dish with rice, eggs, tuna and green onion. It`s easy to cook and very tasty, so you should try it!
Healthy oatmeal pancakes
These oatmeal pancakes have bright taste, velvety texture and great fragrance. They are much healthier than traditional pancakes with wheat flour. Cook them for breakfast and enjoy the taste!
Quick snack potato pancakes
Here is the recipe of nutritious and quick snack. These pancakes should be served with sauces or fresh salads.
Cottage cheese pancakes with semolina
I like to cook pancakes for breakfast, as they are delicious, healthy and able to fill me with positive energy for the whole day. Pancakes with semolina are very popular in my family. Hope you`ll like them too.
Pancakes with honey and cinnamon
Traditional American pancakes are usually served with maple syrup and blueberry. Still, if you`re tired of this classical combination, you may experiment with something new. For example, you may cook yummy pancakes with sweet sauce made of honey and cinnamon.…
Breakfast Pancakes
Traditional breakfast pancakes will be eaten by all members of your family with pleasure!
Potato Pumpkin Breakfast Pancakes
I want to share with you the recipe of delicious pumpkin potato pancakes with mushrooms. They are perfect for breakfast. This dish is rather nutritious, so it will fill you with energy. Yummy pancakes are very tender, so they really…
Pancakes made of 3 ingredients
Pancakes are usually eaten for breakfast. Here is the simplest recipe of this dish. You`ll need only 3 ingredients to cook delicious, tender and good-looking pancakes. Ingredients: · Flour – 1 cup · Egg – 2 pieces · Milk –…
Potato pancakes
Potato pancakes are very tasty. They are frequently cooked in Eastern Europe. Still, you may also use this recipe to treat your family members with this yummy dish! Ingredients: · Potato – 4 and ½ cup · Eggs – 2…
TOP-5 recipes of pancakes
Pancakes are a part of traditional American breakfast. There are many interesting recipes of this dessert. We`ve chosen 5 of them. Choose the best and cook yummy breakfast for the whole family! Classical pancakes To begin with, let`s look at…
Thin orange pancakes with syrup
Sunny orange pancakes with sweet syrup are extremely tasty. Eat them for breakfast and enjoy another good day! Ingredients: · Flour - 3/4 cup · Eggs - 3 pieces · Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. · Orange - 1 piece…
Pancakes with nutella
Today we are ready to share with you the recipe of yummy pancakes, filled with nutella. This is a great breakfast for kids and adults. Ingredients: For the dough: · Yoghurt – 250 ml. · Wheat flour – 1 glass…
Heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast
If you love someone, you may treat this person with this breakfast. These pancakes are easy to cook, so you won’t waste more than 15 minutes in the kitchen. Ingredients: • Flour – 1 and 1/3 cup • Butter –…
Potato hash-browns
Potato hash-browns
Potato hash-browns have crunchy crust and amazing taste. They are juicy and yummy. Both adults and kids will like this recipe. So don`t waste your time and learn to cook this dish. Ingredients: · Potato – 2 cups · Salt…
Carrot pancakes with celery
Carrot pancakes with celery
Here is the simple recipe of carrot pancakes, presented by Martha Stewart. They are healthy and delicious. You may serve them with sour cream or poached eggs. I recommend to combine this dish with quail eggs. Ingredients: · Carrot -…
zucchini pancakes, zucchini fritters, zucchini patties, courgette fritters
Amazing zucchini pancakes
Summer ration is famous for the variety of fruits and vegetables. Zucchini is one of them. Courgette fritters with the aroma of garlic are both healthy and appetizing. All the vegans and fans of vegetable dishes will like it. Fresh…
cottage cheese pancakes, cheese pancakes, cottage cheese protein
Yummy cheese pancakes for weightloss
In order to have a slim body, I try to eat healthy diet food. However, I always want to treat myself with something sweet. That is why, I often search for healthy sweets. Here is the recipe I`ve found recently,…
Orange pancake recipe
Orange pancakes are sweet, fresh and delicious. Basic pancake recipe combined with orange syrup tastes better than lots of cakes. Try this orange pancake recipe and treat your friends. They`ll be liked by both sweet-tooth and those who do not…
Zucchini pancakes
Zucchini pancakes
If you have old kefir in your fridge and don`t know what to do with it, use diary product to cook delicious pancakes. They are fat-free and extremely tasty. These pancakes can be perfect breakfast or supper. They are really…
Quick cauliflower pancakes
Quick cauliflower pancakes
If you`re a fan of cauliflower, you`ll definitely like this recipe. The idea belongs to my granny. They are easy to cook, delicious and tender. You don`t need much time to cook this dish. Meanwhile it`s so tasty! All my…
Potato pancakes with chicken and mushrooms
Potato pancakes with chicken and mushrooms
Potato pancakes with interesting fillings are popular in our family. Recently, I`ve tried new potato pancake recipe. Snack with chicken and mushrooms was a great success. Ingredients: · Chicken fillet - 7 ounce · Mushrooms - 7 ounce · Cream…
Snack rolls
Snack Rolls
Two-colored snack made of pancakes is both delicious and beautiful. Cook it to decorate your festive table or make a routine breakfast brighter.
Moroccan pancakes. Beghrir
Moroccan Pancakes. Beghrir
Exquisite Moroccan pancakes are served in most of cafes and fast-foods of this hot city. You may try to cool it as well since the recipe is easy and the ingredients available.
Chocolate pancakes
Chocolate Pancakes
If you were looking for the perfect dessert, here it is. Chocolate pancakes with soft cottage cheese weight is easy to cook and extremely delicious. Here is the simple recipe, you may repeat at home.
Fluffy Pancakes With Kefir
Fluffy Pancakes With Kefir
Hello. Today I am cooking fluffy pancakes with kefir. If you are not familiar with buttermilk, you should know that it has a nice thick creamy texture that makes baked goods tender. I`ll tell you about the easiest way of…