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Mediterranean Tomato Soup with White Fish and Olives
This yummy Mediterranean soup is both healthy and yummy. One more plus is that it`s easy to cook.
Salmon with Asparagus and Holland Sauce
Healthy and delicious salmon should be eaten as frequent as possible. If you are bored with classical recipes, here is something more unusual for you. You`ll like this combination of grilled salmon, delicious Holland sauce and fresh asparagus.
Tender fish chops
Fish dishes are served in many restaurants. Today I want to share with you the recipe of tender chops made of white fish. Meanwhile I`ll give you several advices on how to make fishmeal exquisite. It`s very important to choose…
Grilled salmon in the foil pack
This is one more delicious dish for non-professional cooks. Serve this dish with boiled potatoes or broccoli and enjoy the taste.
Quick Grilled Salmon
Salmon is a great source of protein, omega 3s, phosphorus and iodine. This kind of fish is amazingly tasty. That`s why you do not need to cook it for too long. If you want to save this rich taste of…
Marinated Norwegian Style Trout
Fresh Norwegian fish is the source of vitamins and minerals. You may cook it at home. Even those who do not like fish will eat this meal with pleasure.
Tasty Greek fish
Tasty Greek fish
f you like greek food, this recipe is must-cook for you. Cooking this dish is as easy as making sprat in tomato sauce. Delicious taste and simple ingredients make this baked fish a real masterpiece.