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Zucchini chops with meat and spices
If you want to try something more unusual than traditional meat chops, cook yummy balls with minced meat and zucchini. This is perfect summer dish for you.
Italian meatballs with tomato sauce
This is an interesting recipe for everyday ration. These meatballs with grated cheese are creamy and spicy. Homemade sauce is very yummy as well. You may save it and eat with mashed potato or any other dish.
Beef rolls with cheese
Beef rolls with cheese may become your favourite dish! You may experiment with this recipe. Add mushrooms, onion, cheese or any other ingredients you like
Lentil cream soup
If you`ve not tried lentil cream soup yet, you may cook it, using this recipe. It`s simple and rather unusual. If you like healthy and tasty food, you should definitely try it! Ingredients: · Lentil – 1 cup· Tomatoes –…
TOP-6 mashed potato recipes, you should try
Here are several unusual and amazing mash potato recipes. Read them and find your perfect one. Mashed potato tastes great in combination with different ingredients. Still, the list of essential ingredients is minimal. Mashed potato with milk Potato, mixed with…
Country potato
Potato is one of the most popular vegetables. It’s eaten all over the world. There are a lot of ways to cook this dish. It may be boiled, fried, etc. Here is the simple recipe of country potato for you.…
Carrot soups TOP-4 recipes
Cream soup was one of the first dishes, invented in Europe several hundred years ago. People mashed different vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and even meat. They used sieve to make the mass smooth. We can do it much faster, using blender.…
Scottish eggs
Unlike most of dishes with eggs, this one is rather nutritious. It`s cooked with meat, so you may treat your husband or hungry kids with such a meal. Ingredients: · Chicken – 3 and 1/3 cup · Mushrooms – 2…
Cold Russian soup “Okroshka”. TOP-3 recipes
For a long time beer is famous all over the world. It has different tastes depending on the place, where it was made. It may be either soft and fragrant or bitter and heady. Though it`s an alcohol drink, beer…
TOP-3 recipes of pasta with shrimp and cream sauce
This exquisite and creative dish has a long history. One legend says that there was one Italian owner of a small restaurant. His girlfriend was dying and he didn`t know how to help her. So, this man decided to surprise…
Sea carp barbeque
While cooking barbeque, you shouldn`t necessarily use meat. Today I want to share with you recipe of grilled sea carp. Its taste differs from classical barbeque, however it`s also delicious. Ingredients: · Sea carp – 5 cups · Vegetable oil…
Guacamole a delicious recipe
This is traditional Mexican dish with classical list of ingredients: lime or lemon juice, avocado and salt. I want to share with you one of the ways of cooking this spicy dish. Try to cook it, I`m sure, you`ll like…
TOP-7 recipes of meatballs with gravy
Meatballs with gravy taste great in combination with potato or fresh vegetables. You may cook them, using any kind of meat or fish. Here are 7 best recipes of meatballs. Read this list up to the end and cook baked…
Fish in the slow cooker: TOP-6 recipes
Steamed food is much healthier and even tastier than fried. Steamed fish tastes better as well. Here are several recipes of such dishes. You may eat it as a main meal or supplement with nutritious garnish. Use these ideas and…
Bean soup
Beans are very useful. They help our cardiovascular and nervous systems to work. This nutritious ingredient saves vitamins even being boiled. That`s why you may cook bean soup and include it into your diet. Here is simple recipe for you!…
Fish soup with sea bass
Fish soup with fresh sea bass is fragrant, nutritious and very tasty. Ingredients: · Sea bass – 1 piece · Potato – 3 pieces · Onion – 1 piece · Salt – to taste · Black pepper – to taste…
Spaghetti with cheese sauce and olives
This recipe is very simple. If you are tired of traditional sauces, use this interesting recipe. Ingredients: · Spaghetti – 1 and ½ cup · Olive oil – 2 tbsp. · Butter – 2 tbsp. · Onion – 1 piece…
Grilled salmon (secrets of cooking)
You may use these instructions while cooking any other fish. Grilled salmon is very tasty. Not to spoil its natural sea fragrant, use minimal amount of spices. Such a dish may be eaten hot or cold. Ingredients: · Olive oil…
Classical pumpkin soup
Pumpkin soup is one of the most popular autumn dishes. People all over the world cook it, using different recipes. In Italy, for example, cooks add rice, in Uzbekistan they prefer to add milk. Here is classical recipe of the…
Chicken chops au gratin
Juicy and yummy chops au gratin are easy to cook. Read the recipe and get down to work! Ingredients: · Chicken fillet – 2 pieces · Egg – 2 pieces · Breadcrumbs – 1 and ¾ cup · Soy sauce…
Meat stew with potatoes
Meat stew with potatoes is very nutritious. You may eat it for lunch or dinner. All the vegetables may be replaced or excluded. Experiment with this recipe and you`ll find the perfect taste of such a stew. Ingredients: · Meat…
Cream soup with mushrooms
Tender cream soup with mushrooms is a unique dish. You may use both frozen and fresh mushrooms. In both cases the taste will be amazing! Ingredients: · Frozen mushrooms – 8 cups · Potato – 3 and ¾ cups ·…
Broccoli soup with chicken
Broccoli soups are rather popular among housewives. If you want to feed your family with something delicious and healthy, this is a great variant for you. Cook yummy hot dish and even your kids will eat it with pleasure. Dishes…
Mushroom cream soup
Cream soups are definitely more nutritious. Here is one of recipes you should try even if you are not a real fan of soups. Ingredients: · Cream – 250 ml. · Broth (chicken or vegetable) – 1,5 l. · Dry…
Chicken chops with spinach
Chicken chops can be a great supper for anyone. This is the mixture of veggies and meat, so even kids will like this dish. Serve yummy chops with vegetable salads, potato balls or stewed cabbage. Ingredients: · Chicken fillet –…
Meat with vegetables in the oven
If you cannot go on a picnic and cook grilled meat, here is an interesting alternative. Ingredients: · Pork · Spices · Vegetables. Meat with vegetables in the oven. Recipe 1. Put bamboo skewers in the bowl with water for…
Pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce
Once I wanted to cook some kind of unusual pasta with a new sauce. Then I invented this recipe of yummy dinner. I guess that this dish deserves your attention. Ingredients: · Spaghetti – 1 and ½ cup · Minced…
Baked white fish en papillote
This dish was the first thing I learned to cook as a wife. My husband liked it very much, so I saved this recipe and continue cooking fish in tinfoil again and again. You may use any kind of white…
Pork ribs with the sauce
Pork ribs are suitable for an ordinary dinner and for a picnic. We`ve found for you a great recipe of juicy ribs with yummy sauce. The amount of ingredients depends on the number of people you`re going to treat with…
Spinach cream soup
Light cream soup is perfect for those who want to keep fit. It is yummy and low in calories. You may eat it even late at night. Ingredients: · Spinach – 1 cup · Onion – 1 piece · Garlic…