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Delicious desserts is a great way to please the guests with the sweets prepared by their own hands

Cupcakes for a Party
If you like cupcakes, you should know how to cook them at home. They are easy to cook and decorate. So, I`ll share with you the recipe I`ve tried recently.
Homemade Pancakes with Cottage Cheese and Strawberry Jam
This recipe is perfect for kids. Yummy pancakes may be served both hot and cold. You may add sour cream or yoghurt into the plate and decorate everything with jam.
Amazing Chocolate Sponge Cake
I want to share with you this perfect chocolate sponge cake. It`s easy to cook and very tender, You`ll like its rich chocolate taste and colour. It`s really easy to cut this cake into 2,3 or 4 pieces. Meanwhile, it`s…
Apple Shortcake
Shortcakes are very delicious, no matter what filling you choose. I recommend you to cook this dish with cinnamon and juicy apples. Your family will eat this dessert in a minute! The dough is tender and soft and filling is…
Strawberry Cheesecake
This is one of the easiest recipes for cheesecakes.
Lemon soufflé cake
This tender and fragrant cake is very popular and definitely worth your attention.
Easy chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate sponge cake is very easy to cook. If you follow my instructions, you`ll make high and delicious cake. It tastes good in combination with any cream and stuffing you like.
Bunny Shaped Buns
Hello. Today I offer you to cook perfect buns made of cottage cheese dough in the shape of Bunnies. I like this recipe, `cause the dough is cooked very quickly.  The simple bun is soft, tender, airy, and saves its…
Banana Sponge Cake
Here is the recipe of tender sponge cake with banana. Cook this dessert and search for more interesting recipes for cakes.
Super-quick banana ice cream
This recipe is a real god-send for busy mums. Kids love ice cream. Therefore, you may cook healthy banana ice cream. Use this simple recipe and enjoy the taste of this dessert together with your kids.
Cottage cheese pancakes
Yummy cottage cheese pancakes are very fragrant and tender. They took the best of classical pancakes, buns and curd pancakes.
Triple Chocolate Cake
Here is the recipe if amazing Triple chocolate cake. Lately it has become very popular, so many people want to know the secret of its popularity. Today we`ll learn to cook this magical cake together. You`ll love this gorgeous dessert…
Noodle with spinach
If you don`t want to cook traditional pasta for dinner, here is a low-calorie recipe for such a meal.
Strawberry Cake
This strawberry cake is a real godsend for those who a looking for a light dessert for hot summer days.
Pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins
These yummy pancakes, stuffed with cottage cheese and raisins are very tender. I will share with you simple recipe of pancakes. They`re always elastic and tender. As for the stuffing, you may add vanilla, cinnamon or citrus zest into the…
Stuffed Yeast Donuts
Homemade yeast donuts are aerial and very delicious. You may stuff them with thick jam or condensed milk.
Chocolate coffee cake
This chocolate cake has reach taste and is easy to cook. You`ll be amused by its wet texture and strong fragrant of coffee and chocolate. One more plus is that chocolate cream may be used for decoration. This process is…
Red Velvet: Classical Homemade Cake
Gorgeous festive Red Velvet cake is amazingly tasty and tender. You may cook it at home, following our instructions. Here is a traditional recipe of yummy cake with cream cheese.
Cottage cheese pancakes with semolina
I like to cook pancakes for breakfast, as they are delicious, healthy and able to fill me with positive energy for the whole day. Pancakes with semolina are very popular in my family. Hope you`ll like them too.
Filling Hunters Skillet
Here is the recipe for a real man. This nutritious hunters skillet will fill you with energy for the whole day.
Very Tasty chops with Minced meat and Bulgur
Today I want to share with you Turkish recipe of delicious chops made of bulgur and minced meat. This Eastern dish will amuse you. Delicious chops may be eaten as a snack. The main task is to decorate them before…
Berry Muffin
There is nothing tastier than tender berry muffin with a cup of your favorite tea.
Amazing rainbow cake
If you`re going to organize a birthday party for your child, here is the main delicacy for the festive meal. This unusual and delicious rainbow cake will amuse your child. This is the best present for you. And of course…
Homemade apple pie
Hello guys! It`s time to eat and cook apples. That`s why I want to share with you the recipe of famous apple pie with sour cream. It`s amazingly tasty, good-looking and unusual. You`ll love it`s velvety texture and sour zest.…
Creamy soufflé with berries
Summer is really great time. Summer means different fresh berries everywhere. Here is one amazing recipe for those who really love berries. This creamy soufflé is heavenly tender. You may cook one big cake or serve it in the small…
Rainbow Jelly
Bright jelly can be a perfect dessert for a child’s birthday.
Homemade éclairs with custard
I want to share with you the recipe of delicious homemade éclairs with custard. This is traditional recipe, so the taste will definitely be delicious. The only one unusual ingredient is topping. We`ll use two kinds of topping: dark (with…
Cheesecake with raisins
Delicious cheesecake with raisins has 213 calories, 12 grams of proteins, 8 grams of fats and 22 grams of total carbohydrates in it. Here are several interesting cheesecake recipes. Classical cheesecake with semolina and raisins As this cheesecake is cooked…
Best croissants recipe
Cooking croissants isn`t an easy task, as you need to make perfect puff pastry. Still, if you follow our instructions, you`ll cope with this task without any problems. Ingredients: · Flour – 2 ½ cups · Butter – 2/3 cup…
Assorted berry pie
This dessert is bright and good-looking. Even if you do not like pastry, you`ll love this dessert. Its tender taste will make you wanna eat one more piece of such a yummy pie. Ingredients: · Warm butter – ½ cup…