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Carrot pancakes with celery

22 May 2018
Carrot pancakes with celery

Here is the simple recipe of carrot pancakes, presented by Martha Stewart. They are healthy and delicious. You may serve them with sour cream or poached eggs. I recommend to combine this dish with quail eggs.


· Carrot – 2/3 cup
· Celery – 2/3 cup
· Egg – 1 piece
· Bread crumbs – 2 tablespoons
· Green onion – 2 sprigs
· Black pepper – to taste
· Salt – to taste.

Carrot pancakes with celery. Recipe

1. Grate celery and carrot on a coarse grater.
2. Whip one egg. Salt it, pepper, and mix with chopped green onion and bread crumbs. Leave this mass for ten minutes.
3. Form round pancakes and fry them from both sides until golden-yellow. Do not fry these carrot pancakes for too long.
4. Now our carrot pancakes are ready. Serve them with sour cream or yoghurt.
5. That`s it. You may serve it with any side dish you like. I prefer to eat carrot pancakes with quail eggs.

This dish isn’t too heavy, so you may eat it even for dinner. Try bright and yummy carrot pancakes, and you`ll love them. Bon Appetite!

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