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Bright Limoncello. Italian Drink for Any Occasion


 Making fragrant Italian limoncello takes much time, however, the result is worth it. You can serve this lemon drink on every party or even turn a bottle of homemade limoncello into a nice present.

 Fresh limoncello is perfect summer drink drink - desc learn more.... That`s why you should start making it earlier. There are a lot of ways to cook this Italian drink. You can make it sweeter or sourer. It1s up to your taste.

 Now let`s look at the whole process of cooking limoncello.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
6.5 cups
245 cals
12 pcs
15 cals
6 cups
3 cups
370 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
630 cals
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  1. Start cooking this exquisite Italian drink with peeling all the lemons. You can use the knife for this purpose or go with potato peeler. It will help you not to damage the flesh of potato.
  2. Now we can get down to the most important part of the recipe. Transfer all these peels into the jars. Add alcohol into each jar.
  3. Seal each jar tightly. Transfer them to the dark place. If it`s possible, you can store them in the basement. Keep them in the dark place for 2 weeks. Otherwise you`ll spoil this tender drink.
  4. In two weeks, you can get down to the next stage.
  5. Preheat water and mix it with sugar. Leave the liquid to cool down. Now take the peels out of each jar and mix flavored alcohol with sweet water. If you are afraid to make a mistake, you can pour all the liquids into one large bowl and then pour into separate bottles or jars.
  6. Another important step is to leave your drink to rest in the dark place for another month.

When your drink is ready, you can take it out of the basement and serve. Keep in mind that limoncello should be served cold. If you need, keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes before serving. This drink is traditionally served without ice. Still, you can use it as a base for another cocktail. Here are several interesting recommendations for you:

  •         Mix fresh limoncello with prosecco. Serve it with fresh raspberries or cherries. For this cocktail you`ll need to use 30 ml of limoncello and 15o ml of Prosecco;
  •         Another interesting way is to make Classic limoncello martini. Mix limoncello and vodka (1:3), add lemon wedges and sugar to taste. Serve this cocktail with the slice of fresh lemon.
  •         Serve it with gin. This is also very popular choice. Mixture of club soda, limoncello. Fresh lemon juice and gin will definitely impress you. To make your cocktail even better, decorate it with fresh thyme.

 Hope, you will love the taste of this Italian summer cocktail. Bon Appetit!


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