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TOP European Recipes You may Cook at Home
 Delicious pizza, crunchy croissants, schnitzel and fragrant German sausages… There are so many traditional European recipes, we would love to try while travelling. However, there is no need to go abroad to eat something yummy. All you need is a…
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What to Cook when You Stick to a Ketogenic Diet: Top Best Ideas
Ketogenic (or keto) diet recently has become very popular. In several weeks, you may lose extra pounds and become more strong and energetic. Not to get bored with the ordinary daily ration, you may use new recipes regularly. As the…
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TOP Best and The Most Nutritious English Dishes!
English food is famous for it`s being nutritious and fat. It`s not that healthy, however, it`s always nice to treat your close people with some yummy dinner. Collection of English delicacies will help you to cope with this task easily!…
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Delicious Recipes for a High-Protein Diet
Eating dishes high in protein is very healthy but sometimes boring. To make your daily diet ration more diverse, use our simple and still small collection of the protein foods to lose weight and improve the quality of your body.…
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TOP Recipes for Various Fish Soups
One of the favourite dishes of all the seafood-lovers is yummy hot soup with fresh fish! While cooking them you may use all your fantasy! Choose yummy white fish and boil it with the vegetables and spices.  This dish was…
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TOP Recipes for Desserts with Frozen Berries
Have a pack of bright berries in the freezer? You may cook a lot of beautiful snacks or desserts! Frozen berries aren`t worse than fresh. They allow you to enjoy your favourite desserts and smoothies all year round!  Choose the…
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Make Your Life Sweet! TOP Recipes For Valentine`s Day Breakfast in Bed
There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”. One of them is to treat your better half with the delicious breakfast. If you are looking for an idea what to cook for Saint Valentine`s Day, we have…
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Delicious Ideas for Pancakes with Yummy Sauces
Get bored with traditional pancakes, covered with the maple syrup? Change this ingredient without spoiling the taste of your favourite breakfast. We are offering simple ideas of toppings you may cook in several minutes. So, your breakfast will still be…
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TOP Recipes for Vegans who Love Chops
 There are a lot of recipes for chops. However, most of them are made of minced chicken, pork, beef or turkey. Still, if you`re a vegan or vegetarian, you still want to cook something yummy to eat with your pasta.…
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TOP Recipes For Fluffy and Juicy Omelettes!
Classical French dish is now cooked all over the world. In every country people experiment with the recipes, additional ingredients and the ways of cooking yellow nutritious dish!  Today we`ve organized our best recipes for juicy and very tasty omelettes.…
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TOP Meals To Cook with Walnuts
This healthy and delicious ingredient can improve most of the dishes you cook. Crunchy nuts can be used while cooking desserts, snacks, main meals and even sauces. If you want to find something new in the world of recipes, scroll…
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TOP Recipes for Amazing Red Soups
Fragrant red soups are yummy and bright. That`s why they are frequently cooked while it`s cold outside. Today we are going to give you a short list of our favourite red soups. For cooking these delicious dishes you may use…
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TOP Cheap Recipes That will Help You To Save Money
 Sometimes we notice that there are a lot of money wasted on food. If you want to save several dollars, you may use this collection of cheap recipes from time to time. There are a lot of recipes for tasty…
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TOP Recipes For Classical and Unusual Casseroles
  When it comes to family dinners or lunches, the best way to satisfy anyone is to cook a casserole. Such a dish can easily fill you with the energy and positive mood. It takes all the best elements of…
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Best Middle-Eastern Dishes To Surprise Your Friends
  Middle-Eastern cuisine is one of the most diverse in the whole world. There are a lot of unique recipes for both vegetarians and meat-lovers. Choose the best recipe for hummus, falafel or cook one of those nutritious salads. We`ve made…
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TOP Delicious Recipes for Ice Cream
No matter whether it`s a hot summer day outside or even white snow, you still can treat yourself with the freezing delicacy. For this purpose you even won`t need to buy an ice cream maker. Today I will share with…
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Top Best Chinese Recipes for Those Who Adore Asian Food
  If you like to visit Asian restaurants, you definitely need to try to cook some of those dishes at home. They are not only yummy, but very fragrant and extraordinary as well. You may bake, steam, stir-fry, stew or…
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TOP Bright Desserts To Amuse Your Kids and Guests
There are a lot of recipes for festive cakes and desserts. However, if you`re really bored with all those cheesecakes and dark chocolate desserts, you may treat yourself with interesting colorful rainbow delicacies. We`ve made a small collection of our…
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Unique and Delicious Sauce You Definitely Need to Try!
 Delicious sauce can brighten each dish, no matter whether it`s a huge steak or a plate of pasta. There are a lot of recipes for sauces in Asian, French and Italian cuisine. Local cooks know what to do to make…
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TOP Recipes for Quiche
 If there are leftovers of meat, vegetable and cheese in your fridge, you may use them for cooking delicious open pies. Quiche is a combination of thin crunchy dough and the thick layer of juicy filling. This is a perfect…
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TOP Best Sweet Breakfasts for Holidays and Weekends
  When you have enough free time to cook nutritious and delicious breakfast, you can start your day with yummy sweet delicacy! For those free mornings you may save these simple recipes for a breakfast treats, you may eat with…
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TOP Dishes You May Cook with Your Kids
 Cooking can be very interesting and funny. Your kids will help you with pleasure if you choose easy recipes and turn this boring process into s real fun. We`ve prepared for you a simple TOP of yummy snacks and sweets,…
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TOP Best Ideas to Cure Hangover
Whether it was yesterday a big party or even New Year, you`ll still need to cook a nutritious hangover breakfast. There is a great variety of ideas you may use when you don`t want to think at all!  You may…
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Best Recipes for Salads A Big Party
 Delicious salads will fit for a big party or a family festive meal. Easy and nutritious at the same time they will make your menu more diverse and bright. We`ve chosen for you healthy and yummy dishes, everyone will eat…
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Best Egg Breakfasts for Everyone
   Simple breakfasts with eggs require minimum time and work. Still, these time-tested dishes are always yummy. There are a lot of ways to cook eggs. You may scramble them, fry, boil or even poach. Whether it`s crispy and fried,…
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Best Sandwiches You May Cook In 10 Minutes
Classical sandwiches consist of two layers of bread and yummy filling (cheese, meat, seafood, butter, vegetables). Today we will share with you both classical recipes for this easy snack and something more unusual.  No matter, whether you`re looking for creative…
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Healthy Snacks To Go
When you have no time for a healthy snack, you quite often buy junk food. Still, instead of all those chocolate bars and chips, you can eat something healthy, crunchy and yummy. All you need is to cook it beforehand…
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Easy TOP: Dishes Each Bachelor May Cook
 There are a lot of simple and yummy recipes, even single bachelor may cook in 10-20 minutes. There are breakfast, snack and dinner options. We`ve found for you collection of the simplest recipes. This TOP includes nutritious and fragrant eggs…
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TOP Recipes with Fresh Seafood to Delight Everyone
Fresh and delicious seafood should be included in your ration. It`s the best source for protein and omega-3. It maintains eyesight, makes your skin and hair look better, provokes brainpower. Seafood is a part of the Mediterranean diet – one…
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What to Eat to Lose Weight before Christmas. TOP Ideas
  If you want to look perfect at the Christmas party, this month you definitely need to change your ration. However, happy December shouldn`t be spoiled buy your diet. To lose several extra ponds and have the body of your…