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TOP European Recipes You may Cook at Home
 Delicious pizza, crunchy croissants, schnitzel and fragrant German sausages… There are so many traditional European recipes, we would love to try while travelling. However, there is no need to go abroad to eat something yummy. All you need is a…
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What to Cook when You Stick to a Ketogenic Diet: Top Best Ideas
Ketogenic (or keto) diet recently has become very popular. In several weeks, you may lose extra pounds and become more strong and energetic. Not to get bored with the ordinary daily ration, you may use new recipes regularly. As the…
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TOP Best and The Most Nutritious English Dishes!
English food is famous for it`s being nutritious and fat. It`s not that healthy, however, it`s always nice to treat your close people with some yummy dinner. Collection of English delicacies will help you to cope with this task easily!…
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Delicious Recipes for a High-Protein Diet
Eating dishes high in protein is very healthy but sometimes boring. To make your daily diet ration more diverse, use our simple and still small collection of the protein foods to lose weight and improve the quality of your body.…
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TOP Recipes for Various Fish Soups
One of the favourite dishes of all the seafood-lovers is yummy hot soup with fresh fish! While cooking them you may use all your fantasy! Choose yummy white fish and boil it with the vegetables and spices.  This dish was…
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TOP Recipes for Desserts with Frozen Berries
Have a pack of bright berries in the freezer? You may cook a lot of beautiful snacks or desserts! Frozen berries aren`t worse than fresh. They allow you to enjoy your favourite desserts and smoothies all year round!  Choose the…
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Make Your Life Sweet! TOP Recipes For Valentine`s Day Breakfast in Bed
There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”. One of them is to treat your better half with the delicious breakfast. If you are looking for an idea what to cook for Saint Valentine`s Day, we have…
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Delicious Ideas for Pancakes with Yummy Sauces
Get bored with traditional pancakes, covered with the maple syrup? Change this ingredient without spoiling the taste of your favourite breakfast. We are offering simple ideas of toppings you may cook in several minutes. So, your breakfast will still be…
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TOP Recipes for Vegans who Love Chops
 There are a lot of recipes for chops. However, most of them are made of minced chicken, pork, beef or turkey. Still, if you`re a vegan or vegetarian, you still want to cook something yummy to eat with your pasta.…
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TOP Recipes For Fluffy and Juicy Omelettes!
Classical French dish is now cooked all over the world. In every country people experiment with the recipes, additional ingredients and the ways of cooking yellow nutritious dish!  Today we`ve organized our best recipes for juicy and very tasty omelettes.…