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Best Devilled Eggs with Shrimp


 Devilled eggs were extremely popular in America in the middle of the previous century. They were served during various parties, picnics and official meetings. However, this dish is much older than you may think.

 In fact, deviled eggs were cooked for the first time in ancient Rome. Back than eggs were boiled and seasoned with the mixture of spices. Even than it was delicious and popular appetizer.

 It`s unusual name this dish got in Great Britain. In 1700-s spicy food was associated with Satan. That is why the process of making food spicy was called “deviling”. This appetizer isn`t an exception. Deviled eggs are also famous in the world as “salad eggs” or “mimosa eggs”. Because they were often served with salads to make them more nutritious and good-looking.

 Traditionally deviled eggs are made with paprika, mustard and thick sauce. However there are a lot of more interesting fillings for this snack: crab meat meat - desc learn more..., kimchi, caviar and so on. Today we`ll look at the recipe of deviled eggs with shrimp. If you love seafood, save this recipe and cook delicious exquisite deviled eggs for the nearest party!



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  1. Cook hard boiled eggs in the salty water. It will make them easy to peel.
  2. Leave hard-boiled eggs to cool down. Peel them and cut each one in two halves.
  3. Take off egg yolks. Mash them carefully. Add mayonnaise, paprika and mustard.
  4. Take pre-cooked shrimp. It should be boiled and peeled. Chop it carefully. Delicious seafood will make your appetizer tenderer. Mix it carefully, combining with the rest of ingredients.
  5. Fill each half of the egg with this mass.
  6. Transfer all of them to the plate and serve immediately.

 Even is you do not have much time to organize a party and cook all the food for it, you can easily make this delicious appetizer! Devilled eggs with shrimp are both extremely tasty and tender.

 If you want to make the taste of this snack brighter and fresher, add chopped carrot and cucumber.

 You can cook this appetizer ahead. Make this delicious snack, cover the plate with the plastic wrap and store in the fridge for 1-2 days. However, if you want the taste of the dish to remain spicy, add paprika right before serving!

 Now you know how to cook delicious devilled eggs! Hope you`ll love this recipe. Search for more interesting ideas for dishes with seafood on our website. 


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