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Best Banana Pudding Recipe


Airy banana pudding with light whipped cream cream - very good recipes of cream learn more...
tender cookies and ripe fruit is one of the best desserts. This is one of the classical Southern dishes every family can eat with pleasure.

 This recipe for banana pudding is extremely easy. This classic recipe calls for fresh ingredients. We recommend you to choose ripe bananas, however, there shouldn’t be any dark brown spots on the fruit. It also shouldn’t be mushy. To make delicious banana pudding, you’ll need to cut the fruit into big slices.

 Today we are going to share with you the simple recipe allowing you to cook amazing flavorful and delicious banana cream pudding!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
3 pcs
110 cals
Vanilla pudding
2 cups
390 cals
1 cup
120 cals
1 tsp
11 cals
Condensed milk
3 tbsp
440 cals
Whipped cream
4 cups
390 cals
3 tbsp
340 cals
1 cup
335 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
2136 cals
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  1. Whisk the whipped cream with powdered sugar in a big bowl. There should be a soft and tender mass at the end. Add vanilla and set the bowl aside for several minutes.
  2. Fill the bowl with the yummy vanilla pudding mix. Add mild and condensed milk. Whip everything as well.
  3. Take small bowls and start forming tender desserts. Fill the bowl with the first layer, made of the pudding. Cover it with the fragrant cookies. Add the third layer made of bananas. Continue with the next layers, making this tender dessert.
  4. Leave it in the fridge for 1-3 hours. That is very important to make the dessert really yummy.

Now you know how to make delicious banana pudding from scratch. Let’s look at several more secrets:

  •         If cooking vanilla banana pudding with wafers, make sure that the whipped cream is very cold;
  •         Use a mixer instead of the whisk to make airy pudding;
  •         If you have enough time, leave your easy banana pudding in the fridge overnight.

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