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All You Need To Know about Fruit and Berry Cakes!


The best way to decorate your sweet dessert is to use fresh berries and fruits. It is very important to combine these ingredients. So that your cake will be really divine! Today we`ll share with you the secrets of cooking good-looking fresh cakes.

To begin with, I recommend you to use fresh berries. However, keep in mind that in this case, you`ll need to eat this dessert in a day. For the dessert to live more, use berries, boiled in the sweet syrup. Frozen berries also should be cooked in the syrup. Get rid of the extra liquid and use them for decoration. Be careful: if you decorate the dessert with the frozen berries without boiling them, your cake will be sour and untasty.

When you need to use orange for decorating the cake, always peel it, getting rid of the “skin”. If there are bananas in the recipe, I recommend you to sprinkle them with the lemon juice. In this case they won`t get darker. I also like to use fried bananas. Cook them in the caramel. Mix fruit with the mixture of sugar, butter, 2 teaspoons of the lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon. Pears and apples taste better when they are caramelized as well. You may fry them in the sugar syrup or even add cognac or even wine into the pan. Fresh peaches and pineapples won`t impress you. So use canned fruits as they are much sweeter.

Now let`s look at the perfect combinations. If you want to mix several tastes, choose time-tested variant. Here are several ideas for any occasion:

  •         Strawberry\raspberry\blueberry
  •         Raspberry\dewberry
  •         Banana\strawberry
  •         Cherry\raspberry
  •         Pears\blackberry
  •         Grapes\peaches
  •         Apples\bananas

And here is the list of combinations for those who like more unusual desserts:

  •         Banana\caramel\cinnamon
  •         Apple\caramelized pear\cinnamon
  •         Strawberry\chocolate
  •         Cranberry\cinnamon
  •         Raspberry\ginger
  •         Gooseberry\hazelnut\honey
  •         Blackberry\cinnamon
  •         Citrus\apricots
  •         Citrus\chocolate
  •         Apples\pears\walnuts
  •         Raspberry\strawberry\peanut
  •         Blackberry\peanut

Use our ideas and your imagination to create a perfect dessert!

Chef Andrew
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