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7 Secrets To Cooking A Perfect Steak


Wanna cook a delicious steak? It`s easy! Your meat will look good and have a perfect taste if you follow these simple rules. You may cook it at home and use a frying pan instead of the grill.

Foodies love the taste of crunchy meat with this smoky fragrant for centuries. People from Greece, Italy, France and Argentina fight for the right to be the home of this dish. However, professional cooks are sure that this recipe originated in England. It was called beefsteak. Therefore, for cooking classical steaks you need to find high-quality beef. Now let`s learn more information about cooking perfect grilled meat.

Secret № 1: use young bull`s meat, cow`s won`t go

If you want to cook classical steak, use young bull`s meat. The animal should be no more than 20 months old. This meat has a distinct juicy taste. When it`s raw, meat looks dry and there is no liquid on it. One more characteristic is its intense red color. If you touch it, you`ll feel that this meat has a smooth and “silky” surface. In addition, here is another important moment. For the meat to be tasty, it should be kept in cold place for several days; ideally – sundried. Fresh meat, brought right after killing an animal won`t go. It will be too hard. Even if you buy marbled beef.

Secret № 2: using marbled meat is preferable, but not necessarily

There is a stereotype that marbled steaks taste better. Restaurants of delicious and elite cuisine offer VIP-steaks made of this meat. Inner fat makes this meat look like a marble and gives the dish unique taste. So, if it`s possible, choose meat of such breeds as Holstei-Friesian and Braunvieh, as they have high marbling scores.

There is the World Classification of marbled beef. Now there are 3 main categories: Prime, Choice, and Select. Prime steaks are the best. Less marbled are steaks included into the “Choice”-category. As for the Select, this category includes cheap meat. However, a good cook may use any kind of meat to cook perfect delicious steaks. The only one important moment is to choose a good piece of meat.

Secret № 3: choose meat wisely

Actually, steak is a piece of meat that is grilled or fried. So, it`s important to choose a good meat. Depending on the sort, meat is divided into 2 categories: classical and alternative. Classical steaks include rib roasts and tenderloin. They have their own names, written on the price tag. The most famous are ribeye, t-bone, tenderloin, New York Steak, etc. Each one has unique color, taste and even juicy. If you want to find a perfect steak, you`ll have to taste all of them.

Alternative steaks are flat iron cut, flank, Denver, rump and picanha. Butchers used to mincemeat this flesh. However now, when the butcher is a real professional, we may use it for cooking steaks. People frequently buy alternative steaks, as they are cheaper. If you want to cook such meat, marinate it beforehand or tenderize.

Secret №4: choose a heavy bottom pan

It doesn`t matter whether you choose modern grill pan or classical old one. The main characteristic is its heavy thick bottom. It will accumulate heat and slowly puts it into the meat.

Alternative steaks should be marinated in the bowl with wine, soy sauce, mashed tomatoes or pineapple juice before frying.  Then you need to wipe meat, using paper towels. It`s very important! You should fry only dry meat.

Secret №5: do not add unnecessary spices

Not to spoil the taste of classical dish, use only salt and pepper. However, if you like to experiment, you may try to add thyme and pink pepper. Pepper should be freshly ground. If you cook alternative steaks, add spices when your marinated meat is already dry.

Secret №6: cooking steaks

Tastes differ, so, professionals should know different ways of cooking meat. There are four of them. If you know them, you may order great steak in the restaurant. When you`re going to cook this steak at home, you must know how warm is your meat inside. For cooking this dish, you need to use either your experience or thermometer. Steaks may be cooked for 3-9 minutes.

The temperature of rare steak (with blood) is 111-118 degrees.

The temperature of Mediumrare steks (with rosy meat) is 118-125 degrees.

Temperature of Medium steaks is 118-134 degrees.

And, finally, the temperature of Mediumwell steaks (juicy and light-rosy) is 134-149 degrees.

Secret №7: use butter

Butter will give your steak great flavor and will make meat tenderer. However, if you want to cook Too Well Done steak, choose vegetable oil without any flavor. As this steak should be dry, you`ll cook it longer and the temperature will be higher, so the butter will burn and spoil the taste of the steak.

Perfect Ribeye Steak

Here is an interesting recipe of steak with spices added. Cooked with garlic, this meat tastes really great. You may serve it with classical garnishes. For example, grilled vegetable, baked potato, Cole salad, mashed potato with cheese or red wine.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
1 pcs
280 cals
Vegetable oil
for frying
135 cals
Salt, pepper
to taste
1 clove
70 cals
to taste
7 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
492 cals
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  1. Get your steak out of the oven 2 hours before cooking and leave it.
  2. Preheat frying pan. Wet meat, using paper towel and lubricate it with oil from both sides.
  3. Fill the plate with salt and pepper and roll meat in this mixture of spices from both sides. Cook it for 60-90 seconds, pressing meat with kitchen tongs until there is red crust on the top of it.
  4. Slow down the fire, add oil, garlic and thyme into the pan. Mix all these ingredients and cover steak with this mixture. If you want your ribeye to be mediumrare, cook it for 6 minutes. Take your steak out if the pan and put it on the warm surface. It may be warm cutting board, for example. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. You may cover it with the tinfoil. However, in this case your meat will continue cooking. That`s why you may have mediumwell steak instead of mediumrare.

In 10 minutes you may put your steak on the plate and get down to tasting.

How to cook steak in the oven

You may cook steak in the oven. Preheat it to 392 degrees. Sprinkle meat with oil and add salt. Preheat the frying pan and cook it from both sides for 1,5-2 minutes. Then put this steak into the oven for 4-5 minutes. Check the temperature and when its about 122 degrees, take meat out of the oven.

Bon Appetite!

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