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5 fresh salads for a dinner

13 May 2018
5 fresh salads for a dinner

If you want to keep fit, do not eat after 6 p.m. For those who can`t cope with hunger in the evening, there exist lots of recipes of fresh salads. Today we`ll share with you 5 ideas, you can use when you want to have a light snack. They won`t do harm to your body. What`s more, such a dinner may stabilize metabolism and help you to lose extra pounds quicker.
Use these recipes and your creativity. The amount of the ingredients used depends on the level of your hunger.

Fresh salads for a dinner. 5 ideas

1st salad

The first recipe is a combination of green leaves and nutritious nuts. Eat it for dinner and you`ll be beautiful and healthy.

1. Cut apples into small cubes.
2. Grate walnuts.
3. Tore celery and spinach leaves. Do not cut them, so that they have fresher taste.
4. Mix all the ingredients.
5. Cook delicious dressing for your salad: mix mustard with sour cream and olive oil.

2nd salad

This salad is perfect for girls on a diet and vegans, feeling the lack of fats and trace elements. So, if you try to avoid animal products, cook this salad instead of usual protein dinner.

1. Cut into squares apple, kiwi, avocado and lime.
2. Mix everything.
3. Cook yummy sauce: grate a handful of walnuts and mix them with honey and mint leaves.

3d salad

Here is one more idea of nutritious salad with brynza and lots of vegetables.

1. Cut brynza cheese into squares.
2. Chop onion and radish.
3. Tore salad leaves.
4. Mix all these ingredients.
5. Finally, cook the dressing: sour cream mixed with chopped dill.

4th salad

Salads with cabbage are considered to be the source of vitamins. They are yummy and juicy, so you`ll eat them with pleasure as often as possible.

1. Cut fresh cabbage.
2. Cut cucumbers into cubes.
3. Boil eggs and cut them into cubes as well.
4. Mix all the ingredients.
5. Chop parsley, mix it with vegetable oil and use this dressing to make the taste of your salad brighter.

5th salad

The last recipe reminds famous Caesar salad. However, it`s much healthier and fresher.

1. For the last salad cut into thin noodles sun-dried chicken.
2. Cut cucumbers in the same way.
3. Chop green onion.
4. Tore salad leaves.
5. Add cherry tomatoes.
6. Mix all these ingredients.
7. Cook the sauce, mixing vegetable oil, parsley and lemon juice.

Cook any of these salads and enjoy fresh taste of vegetables. All of these dishes are Very Tasty! And if you like their taste, try to cook one more interesting salad with chicken.

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