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Meat, Meat and Anything Extra: TOP Steak Recipes
 What can be better than a huge piece of fried, grilled or baked meat? Steaks are eaten and loved all over the world. Whether you like your meat to be rare or well-done, you may cook such a steak at…
Healthy TOP of Recipes for Vegetable Smoothies
Shake up your routine! Here is a big collection of veggie-packed smoothies for everyone. Healthy drinks can be made of the most unusual ingredients: seeds, roots, herbs and of course classical vegetables. Mix cucumbers, celery, carrot or any other veggies…
TOP Recipes for Meat Rolls
Classical sausages cannot be called the healthiest dish. In order to change this situation, you may cook homemade meat or chicken rolls. They are extremely tasty and fragrant. You can make them more salty, hot or spicy. Add various vegetables,…
Fresh TOP of Yummy Vegetable Pancakes
 Savoury vegetable potatoes are definitely underestimated. Likewise classical creamy snack, they may become both: perfect breakfast, snack or supper. In fact, for cooking such a yummy meal, you may use different vegetables. You can choose the easiest way and fry…
TOP Recipes for Mushroom Pies
Autumn harvest is a new possibility to cook something tasty and unusual. There are a lot of ways to turn the whole basket of mushrooms into gorgeous meal. Today we`ll talk about one of the best – baking yummy pastry…
Autumn TOP of Best Recipes For the Apple-picking Season
 Bright and fragrant apples are sailed literary everywhere. If you don`t know how to use your harvest, we are ready to share our ideas and inspiration with you! Apples are both delicious and healthy, so everyone should include them into…
TOP Meat Pie Recipes
 Nutritious and yummy meat pie will warm you up and simply make your life better! There are thousands of recipes for this yummy dish. You may cook it with beef, chicken, pork or even turkey. If you don’t like rich…
TOP Chops Recipes
There are so many various interesting recipes for chops! If you use our recipes and recommendations, even those who don`t like changes will eat your delicacy with pleasure! While cooking this simple meal, you may use both different types of…
TOP Ideas For Apple Pastry
While it`s still apple-picking season, you definitely need to cook something delicious with this fragrant fruit! Here is TOP of the best recipes for pastry with red and green apples. You don`t need to be a real chef to cook…
TOP Recipes For Mini-pies
Mini-pies are definitely as good as muffins or buns are. Some people even think that they are much better, as mini-pies may be stuffed with any filling you like. In fact, these pies can replace your favorite big cakes.  They…
TOP Recipes For Bulgur-lovers
Bulgur usually ends up as a bowl of hot and spicy garnish. However, you must know how versatile it is. It`s rich in vitamins and microelements, so you may always use it for cooking vegetarian dishes. You won`t feel hungry…
TOP Recipes with Pumpkin
 Delicious and flavor pumpkin is a unique squash. You may use it for both cooking something delicious and decorating your house. Especially in autumn when it`s time to pick up the best pumpkins and decorate the house for Halloween!  There…
TOP Easy Snacks with Sausages
 Everyone likes simple and yummy snacks. You may eat them as an appetizer or make delicious mini-pies a part of your meal. If you like delicious sausages, here is the collection of crowd-pleasing and very simple snacks with sausages. So,…
TOP Warm Autumn Cream Soup Recipes
What is the most cozy and warming dish in your autumn menu? AI bet, most of you`ll mention soup. Yummy, comforting and hot cream soups can improve your mood when it`s cold and drizzling outside and of course, fill you…
TOP Salads with Feta Cheese
One of the best Mediterranean ingredients now is popular all over the world. Salty feta cheese cubes can be eaten with various vegetables and herbs. Sounds like the best ingredient for salads. doesn`t it? They are really easy to cook.…
TOP pasta recipes
Whether it`s a huge family dinner or a romantic meal, you may always cook delicious pasta. This is really unique dish: you may simply boil it and serve with spices or make it more nutritious, adding side-ingredients. Homemade pasta tastes…
TOP Pancake Recipes
Tender, fluffy and delicious pancakes can be your perfect breakfast. They can be cooked in several minutes, so even if all your mornings are busy, you can find enough time for cooking this classical dish. Sweet stuffed pancakes will warm…

Very tasty recipes

Grilled Chicken Breast
Having a picnic, we frequently cook pork. However, there is a good way to make barbeque menu more various. Today I`ll share with you the recipe for yummy grilled chicken.
Pasta with Olives: Simple Italian Meal
There are a lot of ways to cook pasta at home. One of the tastiest dishes made of this ingredient is pasta with olives and tomatoes. Italian pasta is very popular and tasty. So, if you cook this dish, all…
Beetroot Soup with Cabbage and Eggs
There are a lot of interesting vegetable soups to try. Here is one interesting recipe for everyone who likes to cook and eat such a meal.
Pancakes with Tomatoes and Cheese
If you prefer the spicy taste to the sweetness of desserts, here is the interesting idea for you. These pancakes may be served both hot and cold.
Sweet Sticks
This dessert is very popular in Spain. They are usually served with sugar powder and any sweet topping. I recommend you to choose hot chocolate, however, you may use jam or condensed milk.
Banana Smoothie with Strawberry
Banana puree is very useful for our organism. It helps to get rid of the extra water, so that you feel and look better. And of course, it`s very yummy!
Yummy Roll with Mascarpone Cream and Strawberry
This sweet roll literary melts in the mouth. It`s tender and fragrant. For cooking such a dessert you may use any fresh berries.
Pizza with Mushrooms and Salami
Pizza is one of the most unique Italian dishes. It may be cooked with any topping, you like. This simple dish is served in most of cafes and restaurants. However, you may easily cook it at home. Here is the…
Citrus Mood: Cake with Lemon Curd
If you like sour citrus taste and aroma, here is the best cake for you. Lemon dough, covered with the lemon curd looks literary gorgeous.
Easy Muffin with Sour Milk
Using sour milk for cooking the cake is a good idea. In order to make your muffin airy, you`ll need to add baking powder or soda into the bowl. What`s more, you can enrich the taste, adding dry fruit or…
Smoothie with Berries and Oranges
This is the best combination of sweetness and sour flavor. Such a drink is a great snack for all the sweet-lovers.
Fried Fish in a Blanket
Fried white fish is always yummy, no matter what do you do with it. Here is one of the simplest recipes for yummy protein-packed dinner for you.
Cucumber Smoothie with Sour Milk and Parsley
This tender smoothie with cucumber, sour milk and parsley is healthy and yummy. You may drink it both in the morning and late at night without any fear.
Grilled Chops with Sour-sweet Sauce
This fried or grilled meat is a great meal for a family dinner! Pork chops with sour-sweet sauce may be served with any season vegetables. Serve yummy meat with green beans, carrot or potatoes.
How To Cook Cucumber Sauce
The most popular sauce in the world is definitely mayonnaise. However, it isn`t that healthy. If you want to cook the fresher sauce, here is an interesting recipe for you.
Pork Steak
If you want to treat yourself with nutritious meat meal, here is the recipe.
Potato Hashbrowns with Salmon
If you like the taste of the traditional hashbrowns, you may experiment with it and cook yummy potato pancakes with salmon and interesting sauce. The recipe is still very simple.
Steak with Soy Sauce
Planning a picnic, you may choose this recipe and treat your friends and family with yummy meat. This recipe is very popular in England. However, you may cook it, no matter where do you live. You`ll like this combination of…
Sponge Cake Roll with Strawberry Jam
For cooking this yummy dessert you`ll need only 4 main ingredients.
How To Cook Yummy and Healthy Carrot Chops
 Carrot chops may be eaten as a main meal or a garnish. Vegans and those who try to lose some weight will definitely like this recipe. You may also cook bright carrot chops for kids. They look nice, so your…