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Сhicken Curry
This tender dish is a combination of thick Bechamel, spices and juicy chicken breast.
Cauliflower au gratin
Perfect cauliflower au gratin is tender and juicy inside. It`s perfect snack for everyone. Here is the recipe of such a dish for you.
Amazing rainbow cake
If you`re going to organize a birthday party for your child, here is the main delicacy for the festive meal. This unusual and delicious rainbow cake will amuse your child. This is the best present for you. And of course…
Homemade apple pie
Hello guys! It`s time to eat and cook apples. That`s why I want to share with you the recipe of famous apple pie with sour cream. It`s amazingly tasty, good-looking and unusual. You`ll love it`s velvety texture and sour zest.…
Baked ham
It`s difficult to find someone, who doesn`t like baked ham. Big piece of meat, cooked together with herbs and garlic will amuse both kids and adults. By the way, if you do everything right, such a dish may become a…
Marinated Norwegian Style Trout
Fresh Norwegian fish is the source of vitamins and minerals. You may cook it at home. Even those who do not like fish will eat this meal with pleasure.
Juicy ham baked in the tinfoil
This baked ham may become an alternative to sausages. It is healthy and very delicious.
Crunchy chicken wings au gratin
Baked chicken wings aren`t worse than those, cooked in the fryer. This snack is still yummy but not so fat. As poultry is covered with breadcrumbs, this dish cannot be called healthy. However, if you`re not on a diet, you…
Creamy soufflé with berries
Summer is really great time. Summer means different fresh berries everywhere. Here is one amazing recipe for those who really love berries. This creamy soufflé is heavenly tender. You may cook one big cake or serve it in the small…
Lithuanian cold soup
This cold soup is very popular in Lithuania. If you go there in summer, you may try this dish in the most of restaurants and cafes. However, you may cook this dish at home as well. Here is the recipe…